What You Can Do With Your Old Chromebook Laptop?

If you are using an old Chromebook, then it may face some issues like messages saying that you can’t receive updates on this device. Usually, if your Chromebook is more than 5 years old, then you may face these issues, but no problem with that. In this guide, we will explore more about what to do with an old Chromebook laptop.

How Long Do Chromebooks Last?

Chromebook devices last for about five years, after which your Chrome OS will not get any update from Google. These updates include security features and boost the performance of your Chromebook. If your Chrome OS is expired, then some existing features will stop working.

How To Check Chromebook’s Lifespan?

You can easily check from the setting of the Chromebook when it received the last Chrome OS update by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the Chromebook’s settings by clicking on the gear icon:

Step 2: Navigate to About Chrome OS:

Step 3: Select the Additional details option:

Step 4: Check the expiry date of your Chrome OS under the Update schedule:

What You Can Do With Your Old Chromebook Laptop?

You can use your Chromebook in numerous ways:

  1. Use as an External Monitor
  2. Keep Using your Chromebook
  3. Install Linux on your Chromebook
  4. Install Windows on your Chromebook
  5. Personal Media Server

1: Use as an External Monitor

If your Chromebook is still compatible with Android apps or it has a good display, then.use software Like a duet display to turn your Chromebook into an external monitor.

2: Keep Using Your Chromebook

If your Chromebook has reached the auto-update expiration date, then you can still use it. But your Chrome OS will not automatically update, and you will not get any new features on your Chromebook.

3: Install Linux on Your Chromebook

Install Linux on your Chromebook to get the new interface. Installing Linux will increase the lifespan of the Chromebook laptop, and you can install any application which was not possible with Chrome OS.

4: Install Windows on Your Chromebook

Windows is one of the widely used operating systems; you can install Windows on your Chromebook to run programs that can’t be run on Chrome OS.

5: Personal Media Server

You can use your old Chromebook as a personal media saver. Save your videos or photos, and other documents on your Chromebook, and you can easily access your stored data from any device. Follow the step-by-step process to convert your Chromebook into a personal media saver:

Step 1: Enable the Linux beta option from the settings.

Step 2: Download the Plex media server.

Step 3: Open the Plex media server; it will open in Google Chrome and go through the initialization process.

Step 4: In the media library, click on Add library; after that, an add folder will be activated.

Step 5: Select the folder from your Chromebook and upload it to your media server.

Step 6: Download the Plex client app on your phone or any other computer and remotely access the content saved on your Chromebook.


Old Chromebook laptops mean that the components and the technology they have are old. You will be unable to get the latest security features through updates. Follow the guide mentioned above to get the answer to what you can do with your old Chromebook laptops and how to utilize the best out of an older version of a Chromebook laptop.

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