What You Can Do With the Blast Furnace in Minecraft

There are many valuable ores available in Minecraft made of different materials, but they can’t be utilized in their original form and are useless. To make them useful, you need a block with the name of the blast furnace that will implement the process of smelting. There is another block with the name of furnace also available in the game, but a blast furnace can smelt the item a lot quicker than the normal furnace.

What You Can Do With the Blast Furnace in Minecraft

The most common use of the blast furnace is to smelt the ores into their respective ingots. For example, if you want to smelt iron ore, you will get an iron ingot, and this will remain the same for other ores as well. The other main advantage of this block is that it will do its job a lot faster compared to the normal furnace that is also used for smelting ores.

Materials Required to Make a Blast Furnace

You will need 3 main items to make a blast furnace: the first one is the furnace; the second one is 4 iron ingots, and the third one is the 3 smooth stones.

How to Make a Blast Furnace

If you are only interested in finding the recipe for the furnace, then you can get that by following the image mentioned below. But if you want a detailed description of each item in the recipe, it has also been discussed in the next section.

Making a Furnace

To make a furnace in Minecraft, you will require 8 cobblestones that can be mined using a stone or any other higher-level pickaxe. If you want to get more details on making a furnace, then you can get all the required information from here.

Making Iron Ingots

The second item for this recipe is the iron gets that you can make by mining iron ore first using any pickaxe except the wooden one. The basic details of the stone pickaxe, which you can make for mining iron, are discussed below.

Making of a Stone Pickaxe: Making a stone pickaxe requires you to collect two main items, and the first one is the 3 cobblestones. You can mine these stones only with the pickaxe, whereas the second item is the 2 sticks that can be made using a wooden log.

Now to make the iron ingot, you will need a furnace as we discussed earlier, and you need to place the mined iron ore inside it that will give you the iron ore.

Making a Smooth Stone

You will need 3 smooth stones for this recipe for which you need to mine again at least 3 normal stones with any pickaxe that you can get.

After mining these stones, you need to place them inside a furnace that will provide you with a smooth stone, as shown in the image below.


Minecraft comes with lots of different ores that you can utilize for your own benefit in many ways and later you can utilize them to make shields or weapons. You can use them to construct buildings as well. But they are useless in their original form and need a specific block with the name of a blast furnace that can make them useful through smelting.

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