What to Do If Someone Else Added a PIN to My Roblox Account?

In Roblox, the parental PIN is an amazing feature that restricts the account settings and keeps them unchangeable until the PIN is provided. Due to its popularity, hacking activities are becoming common nowadays. What to do if someone added a PIN to your Roblox account? This article will lead you.

What to Do If Someone Added a PIN to Roblox Account?

As we know, Roblox doesn’t provide any reset option for the parent pin. If someone else has added a pin to your account, the only way to reset/remove it is to contact Roblox customer support. They will help the user to reset/remove the Roblox PIN. Fill out the Roblox contact form with your username, email, and issue details.

How to Contact Roblox Support?

To contact Roblox support, follow the given instructions.

Step 1: Enter Contact Info

Open the Roblox contact us form and enter the username and email address:

Step 2: Issue Details

Next, select the device you are using, category as “Account Hacked or Can’t Log in” and subcategory as “Account PIN” then provide the detailed description of what happens with your account and submit the report:

Once the report is submitted, wait for the Roblox response, and they will provide you the instructions on how to remove/reset the PIN. Normally, Roblox takes 2 to 3 days to respond.


There is no reset facility available for the parental PIN. If someone else has added a pin to your account, contact Roblox customer support for help. Fill out the Roblox contact us form, provide the username, and email address, and describe the issue in detail. Then wait for the Roblox response.

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