What is Virtual Private Server and Web Hosting in Amazon Lightsail?

Amazon Lightsail service is used by developers to save costs and time to build their projects on the cloud. It also provides the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to get started with the project focusing on cloud management. Additionally, it can be used to launch virtual private servers and host a website on the cloud with managed servers.

This guide will explain virtual private servers and web hosting in Amazon Lightsail.

What is VPS and Web Hosting in Amazon Lightsail?

Many developers require servers to host their websites online and hosting companies provide a shared space for web hosting. It becomes congested when there are a lot of websites sharing the same server and AWS has offered Lightsail to provide VPS to its customers. VPS is a virtual private server that is used to host a website online and it acts like a dedicated physical server:

How to Create a Virtual Private Server in Lightsail?

To create a virtual private server in Lightsail, visit the service dashboard from the AWS Management Console:

Click on the “Create instance” button from the Lightsail dashboard:

Select the region to place the instance:

Select the “Linux/Unix” platform and then choose the “WordPress” image from the “Apps + OS” blueprint:

Scroll down to select the instance plan according to Price, Memory, Processing, Storage, or Transfer options:

Type the name of the server:

Click on the “Create instance” from the bottom of the page:

How to Host a Website in Amazon Lightsail?

Once the instance is created, simply copy the IP address and paste it on the web browser:

The WordPress website has been hosted on the Amazon Lightsail server:

Use the following syntax to head into the WordPress page:

IP address/admin

The following example has been used to visit the login page:

To get the password to log in, connect to the instance by clicking on the terminal icon:

Use the following command on the instance to get the password:

cat bitnami_application_password

Simply copy the password from the terminal and paste it on the login page:

Provide the username and password to login to the WordPress website:

You have successfully logged in to the WordPress using the Lightsail server:

That’s all about the VPS and web hosting in Amazon Lightsail.


Virtual Private Server is a dedicated place to host your website and many VPS instances can be hosted on the server. To use it on Amazon Lightsail, simply visit the service and create an instance using blueprints provided by the platform. After that, use the public IP address of the instance to access the website on the web browser. This guide has explained the VPS and web hosting in Amazon Lightsail.

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