What is TypeScript Array splice() Method?

TypeScript is the superset of JavaScript programming language that contains all the functionalities of JavaScript and also the new ones. It comes with almost all the pre-defined JavaScript methods and properties to perform various functionalities. The working of all these methods and properties are the same in TypeScript. So, the user can use any of the JavaScript methods as a TypeScript method.

This guide explains the TypeScript Array “splice()” method.

What is TypeScript Array “splice()” Method?

TypeScript Array “splice()” method customizes the content of an array by the addition or removal of its elements. This method is helpful to override an existing array. It is also useful to exclude unnecessary elements from the initialized array.


array.splice(index, howMany, [element1][, ..., elementN]);

In the above syntax:

  • The “index” parameter represents the position from where the changes start.
  • The “howMany” parameter specifies the number of elements that the user wants to remove.
  • Lastly, the “[element1][, …, elementN]” defines the list of elements that the user wants to add to an initialized array.

Let’s implement the above-defined method practically.

Example 1: Applying the Array “splice()” Method to Add Elements in an Array

This example applies the “splice()” method to add elements to an initialized array.


Copy the stated lines of code in the “.ts” file:

const languages = ["HTML", "CSS", "NodeJS"];

languages.splice(2, 0, "JavaScript", "React");


In the above code lines:

  • An array is initialized named “languages”.
  • Next, associate the initialized array with the “splice()” method to add the given elements at the “2(second)” index without removing any element represented as “0”.
  • Lastly, the “console.log()” method displays the “languages” array.

Press “CTRL + S” to save the file.


Open the Terminal (CTRL + SHIFT+`), compile the “.ts” file, and then run the automatically generated compiled “.js” file:

tsc main.ts //Compile

node main.js //Run

The output shows the modified array containing the new elements at the specified position.

Example 2: Applying the Array “splice()” Method to Remove Elements From an Array

This example uses the “splice()” method to remove elements from an initialized array.


const languages = ["HTML", "CSS", "NodeJS"];

languages.splice(2, 1);


This time, the “splice()” method removes the “1” element after the “2(second)” index from the initialized “languages” array.


Compile the “.ts” file and run the “.js” file using the below-stated commands:

tsc main.ts

node main.js

It can be seen that the specified element has been removed from the given array.

Example 3: Applying the Array “splice()” Method to Add and Remove Array Elements at Once

This example uses the “splice()” method to add and remove elements from an array at once.


const languages = ["HTML", "CSS", "NodeJS"];

languages.splice(2, 1, "JavaScript", "React");


Now, the “splice()” method adds the specified element at the “second” index and removes the “1” element at the same index position.


Compile(.ts) and run(.js) file:

tsc main.ts

node main.js

The outcome successfully customized the given array by adding and removing elements.


In TypeScript, the array “splice()” is a special method that helps in adding and removing elements from an array. This method extends and reduces the length of an array. It requires the “index” to specify where the user wants to add or remove the element. The user can perform this task separately as well as jointly. This guide briefly explained the TypeScript Array “splice()” method along with suitable examples.

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