What is Integer.MIN_VALUE in Java

In programming, it is difficult to remember the maximum and minimum values for an integer. The minimum and maximum values a data type can handle by declaring it as a variable. Moreover, there are multiple ways to resolve the problem of remembering minimum and maximum values in Java. For instance, “Integer.MIN_VALUE” represents the minimum integer value, and “Integer.MAX_VALUE” determines the maximum integer value.

This post will explain the integer.MIN_VALUE in Java with multiple examples.

What is Integer.MIN_VALUE in Java?

An integer is a data type that can hold only negative and positive numeric values. The integer data type values are indicated with the help of the “int” keyword. Furthermore, the “Integer.MIN_VALUE” is a constant specified in the Integer class to indicate the least or minimum integer value that can be displayed in 32 bits, which is -2147483648, -231. This is the lowest value that any variable of integer data type can hold in the particular programming language.

How to Use Integer.MIN_VALUE in Java?

To utilize Integer.Min_Value in Java, check out the provided examples.

Example 1: Print Minimum Integer Value Directly

To print the minimum integer value directly, pass the “Integer.MIN_VALUE” as an argument to the “println()” method. It will directly print the minimum value on the console:

System.out.println("Integer.MIN_VALUE = " + Integer.MIN_VALUE);


Example 2: Print Minimum Integer Value Using Declaring an Integer Number

Programmers can also utilize the “Integer.MIN_VALUE” by declaring the integer type variable. To do so, follow the given instructions:

  • In the “try” statement, we will declare an integer data type variable and set the value “Integer.MIN_VALUE”.
  • Then, call “println()” JavaScript method to print the minimum value:
try {
 System.out.println("Initialize a number" + " Integer.MIN_VALUE - 1");
 int Number = Integer.MIN_VALUE - 1;
 System.out.println("Number = " + Number);

Also, specify the catch block for handling the exception:

catch (Exception f) {

That was all about using the integer.MIN_VALUE in Java.


The integer.MIN_VALUE in Java represents the least or minimum integer value. It can be represented in 32 bits. The exact minimum value is -2147483648, -231, which is the least integer value. This post has demonstrated the usage of the minimum integer value in Java as “Integer.MIN_VALUE”.

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