What is Integer.MAX_VALUE in Java With Example?

In programming, sometimes there is a need to declare the variable and constant. The minimum and maximum values a data type can handle by declaring it as a variable. However, remembering the maximum and precise number is the most difficult job. To do so, Java provides the facility to declare the constant representing these numbers.

This write-up will explain the usage of the integer.MAX_VALUE in Java.

What is Integer.Max_VALUE in Java?

An integer data type can hold only negative and positive numeric values. The data type of the integer values is denoted with the help of the “int” keyword. Furthermore, the “Integer.Max_VALUE” is a constant that is determined in the particular integer class to indicate the highest or maximum integer value that can be displayed in 32 bits. Its exact value is 2147483647, i.e., 231-1. This is the highest or maximum value that any variable of integer data type can hold in the particular programming language.

How to Use Integer.Max_VALUE in Java?

In this stated example, we will pass the “Integer.MAX_VALUE” as an argument to the “println()” Java method to print the maximum integer value on the console:

System.out.println("Integer.MAX_VALUE = " + Integer.MAX_VALUE);

As a result, the highest integer value has been displayed:

Furthermore, we can also use the try and catch statement to find the maximum value and print the output on the console.

To do so, follow the given code snippet:

  • In the “try” statement, we will declare an integer data type variable and set the value “Integer.MAX_VALUE”.
  • Then, utilize the “println()” JavaScript method to print the maximum value on the screen:
try {
 System.out.println("Initialize a num with value Integer.MAX_VALUE + 2");
 int num = Integer.MAX_VALUE + 2;
 System.out.println("num = " + num);

If the try statement does not fulfill the condition, then the catch statement will execute to handle the encountered exception:

catch (Exception d) {

That’s all about the integer.MIN_Value in java.


The integer.MAX_VALUE in Java represents the highest or maximum integer value. It can be represented in 32 bits. The exact maximum value is 2147483647, i.e., 231-1, which is the highest integer value. This post has demonstrated the usage of the maximum integer value in Java with the help of “Integer.MAX_VALUE”.

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