What is ConvertFrom-Json (Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility)?

The “ConvertFrom-Json” is a command-line tool in PowerShell that shifts a string to a custom object or a hash table. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data exchange protocol. It creates an easily understandable code for humans. Moreover, it can also be used to read, write, parse, and generate code.

In this post, the “ConvertFrom-Json” cmdlet will be explained in detail.

What is ConvertFrom-Json (Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility)?

JSON is most commonly utilized by websites to give a visual representation of objects or a hash table. Let’s overview some of the examples explaining the stated cmdlet.

Example 1: Convert a DateTime Object to a JSON Object

Execute the below-given command to convert “DateTime” to a JSON object:

Get-Date | Select-Object -Property * | ConvertTo-Json | ConvertFrom-Json


Following the above-stated code:

  • First, specify the “Get-Date” cmdlet along with the “|” pipeline.
  • Then, write the “Select-Object” to select a property along with the “-Property” parameter and the “*” wildcard.
  • After that, add another “|” pipeline alongside the “ConvertTo-Json” cmdlet and the pipeline “|”.
  • Lastly, mention the “ConvertFrom-Json” cmdlet:

Example 2: Convert a JSON String to a Hash Table

To convert a JSON string to a hash table, run the below code:

'{ "key":"val_1", "Key":"val_2" }' | ConvertFrom-Json -AsHashtable


In the above-stated code:

  • First, write a hash table having the specified values.
  • Then, use the “|” pipeline and add the “ConvertFrom-Json” cmdlet.
  • Lastly, mention the “-AsHashtable” parameter at the end:

That was all about the “ConvertFrom-Json” cmdlet in PowerShell.


The “ConvertFrom-Json” cmdlet in PowerShell converts JSON “JavaScript Object Notation” formatted string to a custom object or a hashtable. It reads a raw “JSON” string and converts it into an object. This write-up has explained the “ConvertFrom-Json” cmdlet in detail.

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