What does JavaScript do / What can you do with JavaScript

Whenever we discuss web development we always talk about the importance of JavaScript, how it adds life to each web page and makes it more interactive. JavaScript is a scripting language that works on the client side of the web page to handle interactivity and increase dynamic behaviour by manipulating the content it receives from the server.

JavaScript for a long time was used specifically for websites, to perform various actions such as validating a user’s information before logins, adding animated videos and images, performing specific actions on each click of a button, drop down menus and other interactive behaviors.

But those days are no more and JavaScript is no longer just bound to handle web pages. It’s now widely being used in building mobile applications, web based games and networking applications. In this article we will discuss all the things JavaScript can do and is being used for and what you can do with JavaScript.

Animate Websites

Did it ever happen to you that you opened a website and got amazed with all the elements popping around and how they react when you interact with them? Just like how this below mentioned website is using animation:

This is all through JavaScript to keep the users engaged as well as make the website look more lively and aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, a lot of time you open a site and the loading time takes a lot of time while you’re stuck looking at a white screen. To make the waiting process a lot less painful for users a lot of websites add loading animation to keep their users engaged such as the one provided below:

Moreover, various scroll bars and navigation bar techniques are used to add animation to a website through JavaScript or how a button reacts on each click.

In this way users can make their website more engaging and add various dynamic behaviours through the help of JavaScript.

Web Applications

As technology is improving day by day, the ability to create various web applications is also increasing. Just like how Google Maps works, when you need to search a place you simply move your mouse on the map and the user can zoom in and the map shows us more details as the user keeps zooming in. This is all done through JavaScript.

Server Applications

NodeJs is a runtime environment for JavaScript mostly used for backend APIs. After the introduction of NodeJs, JavaScript is no longer just restricted to browsers but now can also be used for server-side applications. Since then NodeJs is being widely used by many major companies like Twitter, WalMart and Uber to handle all their backends.

Phone Applications

The times we’re living in; we’re surrounded by applications for mobile and there’s literally an application for everything out there. Whether you want to buy groceries, medicine or consult a doctor there is an application for each purpose. As the applications are increasing, the need for applications to be available on both the mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) is also increasing and building them for two separate platforms becomes costly.

This is why there are various frameworks such as React Native by JavaScript that allows users to build a high standard application for various operating systems. This saves time and cost for developers and high quality applications have been built using the framework such as Facebook and Instagram.

Smartwatch Applications

JavaScript frameworks are used in various types of applications and similarly a framework Pebbel.js was built by the company of watches, Pebble. It allows the developer to create applications for the company’s watches using JavaScript.

This is though on a smaller scale but with the increasing popularity of JavaScript it’s obvious that other big names such as Apple or Google would be using such frameworks in their smart watches as well.


Long gone are the days when people used to use Powerpoint for making presentations. Now there is a library of JavaScript called RevealJS that allows users who are familiar with HTML and CSS to make interactive presentations.

In case you are not from the programming world and not familiar with these two web technologies, then you have the option to use that uses the RevealJS library and creates slides for you.


Originally the games were being created using web browsers plug-ins but with time due to security concerns this concept became old and frowned upon and hence JavaScript came and allowed the developers to easily create various web based games such as the one below which is built around JavaScript.

Flying Drones

We all are familiar with the craze of drones nowadays and how they’re used by every other filmmaker or Youtubers to add more versatility to their videos. Mostly drones are programmed using Python or C language but one Youtuber decided to program a drone using JavaScript. Although JavaScript isn’t a favourable language for this purpose, it still shows how versatile it can be and people can use it for various development purposes.


JavaScript is a popular language and its need is increasing day by day. Nowadays almost everywhere it’s being used, specifically to build frameworks, libraries, backend of websites, games and mobile applications. In this article we discussed what JavaScript can do and where you can use it.

There were days when developers used to use JavaScript to make their websites interactive and how their website interacts with each click, but now it’s not just restricted to that purpose. JavaScript is versatile and you can use it for various development purposes only if you have mastered the language.

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