What Does IPS Stand For?

IPS displays are becoming more and more popular in the world of technology as people discover the benefits that they offer. So if you’re not familiar with IPS technology, or you’re considering buying one but aren’t sure which one to choose, then we will explore them in depth and answer all of your questions!

What Does IPS mean?

IPS stands for In-Plane Switching, and it is a type of LCD display technology. IPS panels are mostly famous for their high color accuracy, wide viewing angles, and good contrast ratios. IPS displays are used in a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, TVs, and monitors.

Benefits of IPS Display

Some of the key benefits of the IPS display will be discussed in this section:

Better Viewing Angles: One of the main benefits of IPS displays is that they offer wide viewing angles which means that you can view the IPS display from almost any angle without losing color quality.

Great Color Accuracy: IPS displays also have better color accuracy than other LCD technologies, making them ideal for use in devices like smartphones and laptops where accurate color reproduction is important. This makes it important for those people who want to use their IPS display for tasks such as photo editing or graphic design.

High Contrast Ratio: Finally, IPS displays usually have good contrast ratios, which means that the IPS display will look good even in rooms with low lighting.

These characteristics make IPS displays a good choice for use in a variety of devices, including TVs, monitors, and laptops.

Consideration While Buying an IPS Display

There are a few important factors that you need to consider before choosing an IPS display which are explained below.


You need to decide what size IPS display you need in terms of screen size. IPS displays are available in a range of sizes, from small IPS displays for smartphones all the way up to large IPS displays for TVs.


IPS displays are available in a variety of resolutions and the greater the resolution means the better will be the image and video quality which makes it an important factor.


Before buying you need to decide about the features that you need as IPS displays come with a variety of them, such as anti-glare coatings, IPS LED backlights, Free-sync, and G-sync technology.

Response Time

IPS panels have a lower response time, which is important for gamers because it means there will be no lag even when there are lots of things going on at once. IPS panels come with a different response time that can range from 0.5 ms to 3 ms.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is one of the most important factors for gamers as it can improve the frame rates that will help you in noticing even the minute details on the screen. IPS panels have a refresh rate of 60Hz which can go up to 144Hz as well.

Price: Finally, IPS displays vary in price, so you should choose a display that is within your budget.

IPS Vs LED Display

IPS displays offer superior viewing angles while LED panels have a reasonable performance in terms of viewing angles. IPS displays are also known for their color accuracy whereas LED displays consume less power and because they use light emitting diodes for backlights, they offer superior picture quality with a higher refresh rate as well up to 300Hz.

IPS Vs VA Display

VA panels are best suited for gamers and people who need high contrast ratios. IPS displays are also suitable for general use and for people who need accurate colors. IPS displays are more expensive than VA panels. Moreover, IPS displays usually have better response time and color accuracy in certain situations compared to VA Panels.


IPS displays are a great choice for a variety of needs. They offer wide viewing angles, good color accuracy, and high contrast ratios. IPS displays are also less likely to suffer from image retention than other types of LCDs such as TN and VA and have better image quality as well. If you need a display that can meet your needs, an IPS display is a great option.

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