What is AWS Config? | Explained

AWS is a cloud service provider innovating and constantly improving to provide the best resources and services. With so many services offered by the platform, it can get complicated for the users to choose services and configure them to their best ability and securely. AWS provides a Config service that is used to evaluate the service configuration by accessing and auditing its settings.

Let’s start with the AWS service and its working.

What is AWS Config?

The user can have multiple AWS accounts, and each account can use 100s of resources. Keeping track of everything is quite tricky. To solve this issue, AWS offers a Config service that gives a detailed view of the configurations of the resources in the AWS account. It is used to provide critical feedback or a diagnostic report on working and non-working components of the resources being used:

Features of AWS Config

Some of the important features of AWS Config are mentioned below:

Manage: It is used to manage all the configurations done for the used resources, and it will store all the changes in the configuration.

Evaluate: The user can evaluate the performance of his resources with the help of the dashboard provided by the service and optimize those resources.

Integration: This service integrated well with other AWS services as its motive is to provide a better understanding of AWS resources to its consumers:

How to AWS Config?

To use AWS config, simply search “Config” from the Amazon dashboard:

On the Config dashboard, simply click on the “Get started” button:

Select the resources type and config role from the general settings section:

Scroll down the page to select the delivery bucket in which all the records will be stored, and then click on the “Next” button:

Select the policy from this page and click on the “Next” button:

Review the settings and click on the “Confirm” button to create a dashboard on the AWS Config service:

The dashboard has been created, and it will keep track of the configurations of every resource:

You have successfully created a dashboard on the AWS Config service.


AWS config service is used to “Audit” and “Asses” the configuration of different resources used on the Amazon platform to “Evaluate” them. It is used to record all the configurations and changes with time on the S3 bucket provided at the time of starting the AWS config. The user can create a dashboard to keep track of configurations using AWS Config.

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