Is There Any Way to Get Free Robux?

Since Roblox has its own store where players can buy accessories for their avatars and to make buying and selling of items easy Roblox has its own currency called Robux. This is also used to purchase in game items as well, to buy Robux one must purchase using the real-world currency. However, if you don’t want to spend some bucks on purchasing Robux then there are some safe and legal ways by which you can get Robux for free. So, if you are looking for some ways by which you can get some free robux then read this guide.

Ways to Get Robux for Free in Roblox

One can find several ways on the internet to get Robux for free but nearly all the ways can make your account banned permanently from Roblox. So below are some of the legal ways to get the Robux for free in Roblox:

  • Create and publish your own game on Roblox
  • Create clothes and sell them on Roblox
  • Buy premium of Roblox
  • Create game passes in Roblox

Create and Publish Your own Game on Roblox

Roblox provides gamers and developers a platform where they can create games according to their own wish and publish on Roblox. So that players from all over the world play their games and suggest any required changes in the game, also such practice adds more fun in gaming as one is free to make some tweaks in the game to make them better.

To create games, Roblox provides a Roblox studio where you can create games and implement your ideas to make games more fun and challenging. To Download the Roblox studio first click on the “create” option from the top menu bar of your Roblox account:

Next click on “Start Creating” and Roblox studio will download:

Once you have downloaded the Roblox studio open it and click on “New” and select the type of game you want to make:

Once you have created a game click on the “Publish to Roblox” in the drop-down menu of File option as in the image below and you are good to go, so this is how you can create and publish game on Roblox:

Publishing games requires premium membership which is not that expensive as Roblox has different packages for buying its premium.

Create Clothes and Sell Them on Roblox

Another way of getting Robux for free is to create different design clothes and then upload them on Roblox and list them for sale at your desired price. Roblox provides templates for clothes which you can download by clicking here, and edit the template on any editing software. Once you have created a Shirt, T-Shirt or Pant upload them on Roblox by selecting the type of cloth in the create menu:

Once you have uploaded the clothes you created, now it’s time to list them for sale by setting its price in the configure menu of the respective clothing:

This is how you can get free Robux by creating clothes in Roblox, however remember that to list an item for sale you must have 10 Robux in your account.

Buy Premium of Roblox

Since most of the features like trading items, publishing games, or selling items on Roblox require premium membership so it is always advisable to the regular user of Roblox to buy its premium membership. Another advantage of buying premium membership is that the premium membership gives some Robux for free every month and you don’t need to buy Robux separately:

Create Game Passes in Roblox

Game passes are basically the special items that are listed for sale in the game and a very limited number of items is placed for sale to make it rare. To create a game pass, open the Roblox studio and click on the game pass option in the drop-down menu of the gear icon in front of the game. Once you have created a game pass publish it in Roblox and set a price tag for it.


Roblox comes among the very few gaming platforms that have their own store in which different avatar accessories are listed in sale. Moreover, to make it easy for the player to buy stuff from the store Roblox has its own currency called Robux which in most cases players must buy separately using the real-world currency. However, you can get some Robux for free by creating your own game on Roblox, creating, and selling clothes on Roblox, buying premium Roblox and creating game passes.

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