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Install latest Vuze BitTorrent Client – A Torrent Search App on Linux

Vuze is a torrent client like transmission or bit-torrent. Such an efficient software application downloads the torrent files really fast without affecting the system’s performance. This application is free and multi-platform. It is used for downloading torrents as well as for searching the torrent files. Let’s learn to install Vuze on Ubuntu 20.04 or any other Debian-based operating system, but this guide will work for all Linux Operating systems like CentOS, Fedora, or Linuxmint. So, let’s get started.


For Installing the latest stable version of Vuze on any Linux Operating System, we need to have Snap installed on our system first. Snap comes pre-installed on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS operating system but if, in any case, it is not installed on your system, install it first to install Vuze Torrent Client.

Install Snap on Ubuntu

Snap is a very effective and well-organized Package archive. From here, we can install any package or application in one single command because it manages and takes care of all the dependencies need for that package or application. Vuze is available on the Snap package repository. So, to install Vuze on Ubuntu, install the snap.

But even before that, update the system’s package repository so that everything will work fine with the latest updates.

$ sudo apt update

After the update of the system’s package repository, install snap by typing the following command.

$ sudo apt install snapd

You can see that snap is installed and Once the snap is installed successfully, we are ready to install Vuze on our Ubuntu System.

Install Vuze on Ubuntu 20.04

Installing Vuze using the snap package archive is just like snapping the finger. Simply type the command given below and hit the “Enter” button.

$ sudo snap install vuze-vs

This command will take care of and install all the required dependencies by the Vuze like Java if it is not pre-installed on the system.

After the installation of Vuze is complete, search for the “Vuze” in your applications menu.

Click on the “Vuze” icon from the search result.

And here, you can see the Vuze torrent client’s fresh look on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS operating system.

You are ready to search, add, or download torrent files in the Vuze torrent client.


Vuze is a great torrent application used to search for torrents, downloading, and media playback. This post provides a detailed and profound explanation of installing the Vuze torrent client on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

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