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How to do VR Yoga

In today’s world, people are limiting their contact with others to ensure their well-being and the well-being of their loved ones. Therefore, the importance of virtual reality (VR) has been increasing globally.

VR yoga combines technology and entertainment to make fitness fun from the comfort and safety of your own home. With a VR application, you do not have to physically interact with other people. Many people who are interested in fitness and professionals whose livelihood depends on fitness enjoy yoga and may consider VR yoga to be a good alternative to traditional classes. Professional life can be stressful, but VR yoga can help us relax and take a break from life’s demands.

VR can provide a believable experience, and a person using VR for meditation can feel like they are practicing alongside yoga masters. VR equipment such as Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive make VR even more realistic. Several yoga masters are active in the VR world and have created VR yoga applications specially designed for VR equipment. Therefore, VR yoga users can practice with a trainer of their choosing.

Here are several tips for doing VR yoga:

  1. Choose a VR headset that fits properly, and become familiar with the headset
  2. Create an avatar within the VR application that reflects your physical appearance
  3. Stay hydrated during your yoga practice, and eat a healthy and balanced diet
  4. Find a place with ample space to move, such as your yard or a quiet room
  5. Take your practice seriously: VR yoga is not a game, and it should be arrived at with the same mindset as a traditional yoga practice
  6. Warm-up to prepare for the yoga poses
  7. Consider purchasing a yoga mat to improve your comfort.
  8. Stay positive during VR yoga: take this time to relax mentally and physically

Now, let’s talk about five popular VR yoga applications.

1. Relax VR

Relax VR is an app that comes with beautiful scenery and pleasant sounds. The use of 360-degree videos and ultra-high-resolution images from all over the world will help you relax. For example, you may be sitting under a tree with a scenic view in front of you. The app contains computer-aided designs with animated environments, such as seascapes, and effects such as day, night, and rain.

2. Guided Meditation VR

This VR application helps you relax in fantastic locations around the globe, including beaches, Japanese gardens, mountaintops, and forest trails with animated environments and life-like images.
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3. Zen Zone

This VR app is an exercise app that helps relax both your mind and your body. There are two different types of sessions. The app can be downloaded for $4.99 from the Oculus store.

4. Perfect Beach VR

This app steals you away from your normal routine and takes you to a private beach, with the pleasant sound of waves along the coast and virtual images of beautiful scenes.

5. Guiding Star VR Meditation

This application was developed to provide amazing scenes with shooting stars and soothing melodies. You can relax as you connect the stars with your gaze. This app is available for Google Cardboard.

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VR yoga and meditation are increasing in popularity. VR technology can make our lives easier, more enjoyable, and more fun. VR applications related to yoga are continuing to be developed and released. VR yoga can release us from the worries of daily life with a soothing experience, which is a great way to keep yourself strong and healthy.

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