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VR in Classrooms

VR, the use of modern technology in a unique way where someone exists in an actual world but is present in an imaginative and unreal world; a world of his likings and fantasies. This is the place where a person exerts and channelizes his strengths, energies, and potentials to the tasks and activities he enjoys and cherishes at his heart. This phenomenon is now being employed in the classrooms to maximize the process of gaining knowledge and learning. The students engage in activities and tasks designed by high skilled professionals with all their concentration and interest and end up learning passively, which is better than active learning in the real world. VR technology has a great capability to increase the interaction between students and their mentors whether they are physically present in the classroom or not. A study has shown that due to VR innovation, students are getting more involved in their studies because it’s a better way to study than the traditional one. Students who are using Virtual reality education-based applications have improved knowledge of their subjects.

The animations, tasks, and activities are specific i.e. they are designed by keeping in mind the skills needed to be inculcated in the students as per the curriculum. However it does require a vast range of gadgets and their use inside the classrooms, it has made learning and education such fun, like never before. It also helps the students to build their confidence levels. This has also facilitated the educators to plan and manage better classroom environments, both for themselves as well as for their students.

VR classrooms have revolutionized the dynamics of learning and have set new rubrics. A whole new era of learning has been developed by the introduction and implementation of VR classrooms. VR classrooms are just a touch away from the learners sitting in the beds inside their homes. This is something beyond the comprehension of 18th and 19th-century learners. There is a whole setup of classrooms available online and they can join the classroom, without even bothering to leave their bedrooms, any time of the day they want. However, to get a more precise, one-to-one learning experience, they just have to register themselves for a class within a specific time and they get to interact with their mentor as well as with other participants of the class.

There is a complete learning setup provided in VR classrooms, where the learners do not only sharpen their skills such as in mathematics and gaming but also get to improve their cognitive skills and their behaviors are also monitored. There can be different tasks for the pupils to make their minds sharp. For instance, ask a student to buy ice cream from the shop and tell how much he will have to pay for it, and how much money he will get in return. This situation can take the student in a genuine scenario and will help him in practical life. Other than that, we can take students to visit inside the human body to examine the internal body organs. This is done via many games and activities that are easily accessible to all the participants of the class; the participants in the real-life are at their homes but virtually present in the classroom, hence the name VR classroom is justified.

The VR classroom: VR apps for learning:

In VR classroom, there are few VR applications for education through which you can learn a lot of things.

Google expeditions

This is an application in which you can move around the whole world. It almost shows more than 200 journeys/tours from which you can select your own choice. It is compatible with iOS and Android.

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A unique VR app that is all about learning and exploring the human body. This app is a great way of learning about different systems of the human body like the respiratory system, circulatory system, and digestive system.

This app is an inspiration for young children who want to join the health science field.

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This application includes stories and narratives from a range of VR makers await. It also includes a scenario from the profoundly respected Mr.Robot series. It is compatible with iOS and Android.

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Discovery VR

This game gives you the adventure to swim and skydive with sharks. These are just two adventures out of many more. It is compatible with iOS and Android.

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Titans of space

This application can take you to the other planets and moon by providing a guideline for the solar system. It is only compatible with Android.

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Adventure in Space

This is another app available free on Viveport. It is about exploring space specifically Marz on a spaceship and you meet different teachers who teach you about space and the universe. It is available on Viveport for free.

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InMind 2

Another educational, adventure app/game for young children and teens. It lets you learn about the chemistry behind emotions.

Available with google cardboard and all other headsets include Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, Oculus Quest, and HTC Vive.

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InCell VR

In this application, actions are combined with the biological sciences that explain Incell. There is a small world in which a human cell is regenerated. All the activities/functions, which are taking place in the human cell, will appear in this app.

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Keeping in mind the complete changes in learning and classroom environments the VR classrooms have brought, it would be no exaggeration to say VR has taken us back and we are in awe seeing such an effective and unique usage of imaginations embedded into technology in our lives. Due to the VR classroom, the imaginations got the medium to visualize. Presently, it is conceivable to see our imaginations into reality by 3D models. This has taken us to a modern era of learning which has stirred and woken up those parts of the brain that were still undisturbed by any means. It has made learning a fun based activity and also has facilitated the lives of educators. It became very easy to engage students in different learning activities by VR classrooms. A study reveals that about 70% of kids show interest in VR technology. If this continues, I hope one day we can generate big lots of highly skilled professionals to make our lives and countries better.

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