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Virtual Reality is a modern technique through which people can experience the imaginative world into reality. We are going to take a look at virtual reality boxing training. Boxing is an ideal exercise for releasing stress. Boxing involves the movement of various muscles of the body, so it can enhance the body strength, maintains blood pressure, improves cardiac health, and helps to lose a lot of calories, which ultimately leads to maintain your body weight and physical appearance. However, boxing training must be done wisely because doing it all day can cause depression and muscle fatigue. So choose wisely!Intensive boxing must be selected with less intensive or moderate one so that there would be a balance, which is a good practice. You need to take boxing classes first if you are a novice. Besides all the above-mentioned benefits, one major drawback of boxing is that you may get injured during a fight or training.One more thing about boxing is that it has no age limit. Your body is always waiting for a better transformation. So, it is a great idea to practice boxing because it has done miracles to the fitness of people. If you workout consecutively for four weeks, without any gap, it will work for you like magic. You will realize the clear difference between the old you and the recent one.

Virtual Reality boxing training is the easiest and safest way to do it because the setup is totally virtual that seems real. There will be less risk of any harm/injury. It makes boxing easy and entertaining. The boxing players will need to have proper VR boxing equipment, which involves VR glasses, VR free gloves, headset, etc.

The most devoted people who exercise appear to have no issue going to the gym every day and performing the same exercises daily, but a person who just wants to get in shape can have a problem or might feel bored doing the same exercises every day. So it’s a great idea to opt for VR boxing training for physical fitness and health. Different games related to boxing are available online, which can be installed and played. The significance of practicing in a 3D digital environment is that you can move here and there in the games, which leads you to have fun during the workout.

The best thing about virtual reality boxing training is that it can be connected with the Internet so that you can see various players and encourage them. You can interact with other coaches/mentors and feel like you are at the same location. Features of few boxing games are discussed below:

  1. Creed: Rise to glory
  2. Box VR
  3. The thrill of the fight
  4. Knockout league

1: Creed: Rise to glory

It is one of the best boxing games. It features the world’s best boxing champions. Just put on the headset, virtual glasses, and, most importantly, gloves. The finest thing about VR boxing games is that they can provide you with great exercise. By moving hands, arms, head, and neck, also stepping into different angles can give you full-body exercise. So, it will help you keep your body in shape. This application has high-quality graphics, most challenging competitors, and reactive controls. It is compatible with PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

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2: Box VR

It is a boxing training VR application, a combination of boxing and rhythmic actions. In this game, there are different rounds of different workouts. Each round varies from 3 minutes to 60+ minutes. It depends upon how intense the session you need to have. An intense session workout can give you a tough time if you are a beginner, but there is good news, your loss of calories will be at the maximum. It is specifically for the upper body exercise. Its compatible platforms are PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and HTC Vive.

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3: The Thrill of the fight

The Thrill of the fight has an amazing realistic environment, which puts you in a virtual ring. You will be able to punch your competitor in the ring. There are different practicing zones with a punching bag, speedball, and many more to polish your skills. There is no chance to miss a punch; you need to be an expert while playing this game. Its compatibility is with Vive, Rift, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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4: Knockout League

It is a VR boxing training application that is played by a single player. There are different characters with various fighting styles and distinctive gameplay. The players who fight by all of the characters will become the winner of this game. This game is also compatible with all major headset manufacturers.

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VR boxing is yet another landmark in technology. It enables people to utilize their energy and shape their bodies without causing any physical harm to them. In the modern era of gadgets, where people lack time for any healthy activity, it is a perfect substitute to perfectly channel their energies. It is also a cost-effective way to do workout and enjoying boxing at the same time.

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