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Virtual Reality Meets Baseball

Virtual Reality (VR) is a widely developing, computer-generated experience which creates a simulated visual stage for the user. It has become a central tool in a wide variety of fields such as: education, medicine, fitness training, and entertainment. The system has the capability to train or entertain people by creating an artificial 3D environment in which they interact with imaginary scenarios. Users wear special goggles or gloves fitted with sensors as they interact with a screen.

Innovation in sports usually suggests new athletic training techniques. Now VR is changing today’s training on the field but also offering the user a home experience. The head gear provides a unique way for players to train. This new modality offers thrills and challenges on the field and is demanding and lively interaction for the gamer. As the technology advances, VR is adding more creative ideas and more lifelike experiences for both trainees and gamers.

The baseball gaming device consists of a VR headset and a baseball bat, both connected to the system through connectors or Bluetooth to give a genuine baseball experience to the user. For the official player, mentors, instructors or team members can monitor a session in order to support and guide them as they would in real-life training sessions.

In a VR baseball game, there is a batter who wears a head-mounted device/headset and holds a bat. Pitching the ball is normally done through the computer application. But there are some applications/games which allow the player to pitch. This training helps batters and pitchers improve their performance and boost their confidence level.

From a training application, an expert baseball player can effectively learn about a pitcher’s attributes by watching the direction, break, speed, and zone of a pitched ball. In typical baseball training, a player’s data is collected, and it takes a long time to process that data, but VR technology has made it simpler for the players and coaches to record data, monitor, and update it in real-time. The VR training program allows baseball players to experience progress in their performance immediately.

For both athletes on the field and gamers there are multiple VR applications which an individual can use to practice at home or apply to field experience.

Some of the possible electronic formats are:

  • Pitch Hit Arcade
  • Everyday baseball VR
  • Totally Baseball
  • VR baseball
  • Hit&Run VR Baseball


If you love baseball, then you are definitely going to have fun with Pitch Hit Arcade, by experiencing multiple batting outcomes, fanciful scenarios and bizarre gamer challenges. Pitch Hit has three different modes, Pitcher, Self-Pitch, and T-Ball. It has many unlockable levels and challenges and is compatible with all prominent headsets.

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The main purpose of this game is to simulate a real baseball game. It’s considered to be the best tool for improving a player’s performance without losing authenticity. In this game, the player can adjust settings according to his/her convenience, like bat length and location of the batter as well as several other playing features.

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Totally Baseball is a unique game which you can play as a batter, pitcher, or fielder. It is a full and lively baseball experience in virtual reality. If you are a baseball enthusiast, then you are certainly going to enjoy Totally Baseball in virtual reality. The developer is expected to release multiplayer modes and more content in the future. The game supports all VR headsets.

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VR Baseball is another baseball game, in which there are 40 bats to choose from. You can challenge your friends and family. It supports batters who are left-handed or right-handed. You just have to put on your headset, take a bat, and show off your expertise. You will certainly enjoy the cheering!

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This is another game that provides real baseball experience. With amazing visuals, and animations you get feedback each time you hit the ball. It’s worth giving it a shot but its only compatible with HTC Vive and Valve Index.

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Baseball Kings VR is another game which aims to deliver a real baseball experience. There are different difficulty levels and it’s optimized with the Vive tracker. The game is compatible with both Valve Index and HTC Vive.

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Virtual reality has expanded the field of gaming through wide and new applications in the world of baseball. The application of VR technology to baseball is providing advanced skills to athletes, helping them to upgrade their performance on the ground and challenge them in the gaming environment. It is providing fun and thrills to the gamer who can feel just like a pro! The experience couldn’t be more fun!

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