VPS Vs. Dedicated Server Hosting: Everything You Need To Know

Web hosting is an important aspect for the stability of any online business, blog, or other utility online. Many hosting options are available online, which makes it quite confusing for users who are not too frequent with such technical terms. Depending upon the traffic limits of your website, you can for the most suitable options available.

Different types of Web hosting include Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting(VPS), Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Managed Web Hosting, and Colocation Hosting.

This article primarily talks about the comparison between VPS hosting and Dedicated Server hosting.

Before we get into comparison, let us have a brief introduction to both.

What Is VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting provides you with total monitoring controls without owing any physical server. VPS hosting is ideal hosting for websites and businesses with an intermediate load of the traffic of almost 20,000 daily visitors. VPS hosting allocates different space to every website on its server. However, the server is shared with other partners too. This reduces the cost of hosting up to a great extent.

VPS hosting solution provides better reliability, security, performance, and storage customizations when compared to shared hosting. Since other websites share the physical server, traffic spikes in other websites can also affect your site’s performance.

Features Of VPS Hosting: Following are the features you get with VPS hosting:

Extended Access To Root Sources

VPS hosting gives you access like any dedicated server hosting. When hosting websites on VPS, you have the authority of installing operating systems and applications and moderate the reselling services.


You can use the redundant system to handle sudden and bigger workloads in a virtual private server to make your business scalable.

Security Of Servers

This becomes quite important when you are running an online business on VPS hosting, and they are more prone to cyber-attacks. The data management, storage, and backups are features that you can get with VPS hosting.

Access To Technical Specs

VPS hosting has a lot of technical features that deliver more freedom to the customers. These technical features include CPU, Operating system, cPanel, bandwidth, and disk space.


The pricing of VPS hosting plans lies somewhere between Shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The average price can vary from $5 to $20 depending upon the service provider and the features.

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?

When you run an e-commerce site, you have a lot on your plate, and grinding amidst something like server issues is the last thing you want to do. This is exactly where managed hosting comes to your rescue.

Server maintenance is expensive, time-consuming, and space exhaustive, and an excellent hosting service provider can definitely save you from all that exhaustion.

For business owners who choose to invest their time and energy on tangible things that would make their business grow, such as analyzing sales, marketing, building quality products, outsourcing needs a dedicated server hosting is a brilliant idea.

Features Of Dedicated Server Hosting:

Performance (Page loading speed)

The performance of a website is judged by the time its pages take to load. Just like you, every second counts for your customer too, and they won’t have the patience to wait till your site loads. They would prefer to move to your competitor. Excellent servers and constant server monitoring can ensure fast loading speeds, thus, delivering a better experience to your customers

Server Monitoring & Security (Reduced risk)

Security has always been a major concern for the business owner and the customers when it comes to business. Managed server hosting ensures a secure environment by constantly scanning the servers for any vulnerabilities. This server monitoring and scanning require time, resources, and skillset. Managed hosting providers can take this responsibility on themselves to focus on building the core business. The hosting partners are equipped with the necessary tools and experience. They would run security audits, scan for viruses, update Operating System, filter spam, and configure the firewall to ensure reduced risk.


When it comes to running a business, the owner has a lot to deal with. Many times while focusing on the major things, small but significant things are looked over. This results in poor quality service or poor customer experience. While a business has to be solely looked after by its owner, there are certain things that he/she can be relieved from by outsourcing it to a reliable provider. Such small and wise steps can escalate the growth of any business.


With the help of managed web hosting, you can scale and plan your business more effectively. You can manage your time, energy, money, and human resources in a customized way to gain maximum outputs.


It is no doubt when we say ‘time is the new currency. The importance of time, especially for businesses, should not be undermined. Managing servers and managing the manpower behind it can be draining.

You can save this time and invest in the other major aspects of building your business with managed servers.


The hidden costs that come along with unmanaged servers are ample enough to make a difference. These costs can include over-the-top infrastructure, employees who look after the server, the loss you bear if something goes wrong with your server, etc.

Dedicated Hosting plans can eliminate such costs because then, along with the infrastructure of the provider, you also avail the service of their experts and engineers. You won’t have to worry about storage, server configuration, and networking requirements.

Major Differences Between VPS And Dedicated Server Hosting

Features VPS Hosting Dedicated Server hosting
Performance Improved performance when compared to shared hosting plans. Since the servers are shared, performance is not better than dedicated hosting. Since there is a dedicated server for your website, there is top-level performance with almost no lag or issues.
Security Virtual private servers are quite secure as it allows you to install your own security utilities. You can install security softwares in dedicated hosting too. But here, you own a server solely, so there is no risk of security breaches, etc.
Cost efficiency VPS hosting is economical as compared to dedicated server hosting Dedicated servers are premium and quite expensive when compared to VPS plans.
Configurations VPS hosting offers managed and unmanaged plans and resources that can be adjusted. In dedicated servers, you have full freedom of customization and configurations. You can avail of both managed and unmanaged plans.

The Final Verdict

Dedicated hosting providers assure Round clock Support. It has major benefits ranging from cost-cutting to a better customer experience.

If you are a business owner and looking for ways to escalate your growth, managed web hosting should be one of the finest things you can choose. However, this doesn’t tarnish VPS hosting, as it solely depends upon the requirement of the user’s website to avail a suitable hosting plan. You can go for VPS hosting if you have medium-traffic requirements.

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