How to Use the Set-ItemProperty (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management)?

In PowerShell, the “Set-ItemProperty” cmdlet is used to set or alter the property value of a mentioned item. Moreover, it can change or establish the properties of an item. For instance, it can alter the value of an “IsReadOnly” property file object to “$True”. It can also assist to alter/change the registry values.

In this tutorial, we will briefly explain about the “Set-ItemProperty” cmdlet.

How to Use the Set-ItemProperty (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management)?

The “Set-ItemProperty” cmdlet is used to set or alter the property value of a specified item or file. Let’s explore some of the examples to know more about the stated cmdlet.

Example 1: Use the “Set-ItemProperty” Cmdlet to Modify an Item

Execute the below-mentioned code to modify a single item:

Get-ChildItem C:\Docs\New.txt | Set-ItemProperty -Name IsReadOnly -Value $True

In the above-given code:

    • First, specify the “Get-ChildItem” cmdlet and add the path of an item alongside the “|” pipeline.
    • After that, write the “Set-ItemProperty” with the “-Name” parameter having the “IsReadOnly” value assigned to it.
    • Lastly, use the “-Value” parameter and assign it the “$True” value:


Example 2: Utilize the Cmdlet “Set-ItemProperty” to Set a Property of a File

Run the below-given command to set a file’s property in PowerShell:

Set-ItemProperty -Path C:\Docs\New.txt -Name IsReadOnly -Value $true

According to the above code:

    • Initially, write the “Set-ItemProperty” cmdlet.
    • Then, add the parameter “-Path” and set the file path.
    • Lastly, mention the “-Name” and the “-Value” parameter having the stated value assigned:


Example 3: Use the “Set-ItemProperty” Cmdlet to Modify a Registry Key Value

To modify a registry key in PowerShell, execute the following command:

Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" -Name "AutoAdminLogon" -Value "1"

Here, first, specify the “Set-ItemProperty” cmdlet along with the stated registry value. After that, write the “-Name” and “-Value” parameters having the stated values assigned:

That was all about the “Set-ItemProperty” cmdlet in PowerShell.


The cmdlet “Set-ItemProperty” in PowerShell is responsible for altering or creating the value of a property of an item. It can change the values of text files and also registry values. This post has elaborated on the PowerShell “Set-ItemProperty” cmdlet in detail.

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