How to Use numel Function in MATLAB

The numel() function in MATLAB enables us to compute the total number of elements in a database, array, or other data structure. This function is similar to the size() function, but the size() function returns the number of rows and columns in a matrix. The numel() function is useful for a variety of tasks, such as determining the size of a data structure, iterating over a data structure, and allocating memory for a data structure.

This guide is going to present the implementation of the numel() function in MATLAB using its syntax with the help of examples.

How to Use the numel Function in MATLAB?

The numel() is a built-in function in MATLAB that enables MATLAB users to determine the total number of elements in a database or an array. This function takes an array or a database as an input and provides the total number of elements present in it.


The numel() function can be implemented in MATLAB through the following syntax:

n = numel(A)


The function n = numel(A) is responsible for finding the total number of elements in an array A. In other words, numel(A)= prod(size(A)).

  • If A represents a vector, numel(A)=length(A).
  • If A represents a matrix, this function provides the product of the number of rows and the number of columns of the given matrix.
  • If A represents a multidirectional array, this function provides the product of all dimensions of the given array A.

Example 1: How to Find the Number of Elements of a Vector, Matrix, or Array in MATLAB?

This MATLAB code determines the total number of elements in the given vector, matrix, or array using the numel() function.

V = randi(100,1,100);

A = magic(100);

Arr(:,:,5) = A;

V_n = numel(V)

A_n = numel(A)

Arr_n = numel(Arr)

Example 2: How to Compute the Number of Elements in the fi Array in MATLAB?

Fi array is a fixed-point array that has a fixed bits number to show integer and fractional parts of the number. In this example, we create a 2-by-2 fi array using the fi() function and use the numel() function to find the number of elements n in the fi array A.

A = fi(zeros(2,2),0,14,10)

n = numel(A)


Finding the total number of elements is a common task that can be done using the built-in numel() function in MATLAB. The function is easy to use and only accepts a matrix as a parameter and provides the number of elements as an output. We have provided examples for finding the number of elements in an array, vector, or matrix using the numel() function. We have also described an example for the fi array as well.

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