How to Use Minecraft Seed

Minecraft is a versatile open-world game that is all about crafting, exploring, and surviving. The reason behind the popularity of Minecraft is its flexibility to mold your gameplay according to your preferences.

The experience of Minecraft entirely depends upon your choice of the world in which you spawn. Therefore, it is extremely significant to land in the right world to begin.

When you start your Minecraft game, it generates a world randomly. Minecraft uses an algorithm to generate a world. Since the algorithm remains the same, the world it generates becomes quite predictable and less challenging. But this random world is completely changed and makes it interesting using seeds.

Minecraft seeds not only make your world interesting but challenging as well. And these seed-generated worlds contain everything from jungles to crop fields, snowy landscapes, to deserts. In this post, we will focus on how to use seeds in Minecraft to generate a world. But before beginning, it is important to note the seeds depend upon the Minecraft version. Let’s check how to use seed and generate a world in Minecraft:

How to use the seed in Minecraft

Seeds let you input a number or text string. And depending upon what you type, you a different world. I am using the Minecraft PlayStation Vita version. The process of adding seed is pretty much the same in all versions. Firstly, open Minecraft and click on “Play Game“:

Click on “Create New World“:

A new menu will open as shown in the image below:

You can give the name to the world; I am keeping it “New World“, The second option is “Seed for the World Generator“:

Type anything you want; it could be any string or any number. I am typing “samsWorld“:

As it can be seen, a world has been created. The same world will create whenever I use the “samsWorld” word in the seed option.

Now, let’s try to add a number; I am using “7000“:

Let’s have glimpses of this new world, as it can be seen in the following images that world greenery has created:

Now you can start your Minecraft experience.

Another notable feature of using seeds is that you can share your seed with anyone, and they will get the same features as you have, which is really a good way to play with friends. Many online sources provide seeds for Minecraft, but as discussed above, the seeds depend upon the Minecraft version and appear different version to version. So before applying those seeds, make sure you have the required version. 


Minecraft is hugely flexible when it comes to the personalization of the gameplay experience. In Minecraft, almost every item can be customized, and one of them is the world itself. Your journey in Minecraft begins with the world, and that world defines your gameplay. In this post, we discussed how to set up the world before starting your exploration using seeds. A seed could be any number or a text string. And this number or text string will generate a random world with various objectives and challenges. The seeds can be shared with anyone but make sure the other users have the same version of Minecraft in which you created that seed.

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