How to Use Code Blocks in Discord

Discord is a platform for people for communication all over the world but mostly it is used by game freaks. It offers many cool features including code blocks which you can use while chatting in channels or groups. This article is a step-by-step guide about how to use code blocks in Discord.

Code Blocks

In Discord you can use code blocks while chatting in the text channels of the server. Code blocks change the color of the block containing the message and highlight your message among other messages. You can use code blocks for single line messages also you can use multiple line code blocks for longer texts.

How to Use Code Blocks in Discord

You can use code blocks in Discord very easily. You just have to enter some signs at the start and end of your text which you want to send as a code block. Follow the steps mentioned below to get detailed information on how you can use code blocks in Discord:

Step 1: Open your Discord application on your device:

Step 2: Click on your desired server and the channel to open the chat box:

Step 3: In the message bar at the bottom of your window type two backticks and you would get a block:

Step 4: Now type any single line message like “Hello” in between the backticks and press Enter:

Step 5: You can see your text message is sent in a block:

Step 6: Now for a message having Multiple lines code block type 3 backticks and press Enter while holding Shift key to enter the next line:

Step 7: Type you message and then add 3 backticks at the end of your message and press Enter:

Step 8: You can see the message is sent with code block of multiple lines:


In Discord there are many fancy ways to send messages. One of them is sending code blocks which change the color of the message to make it more prominent for the reader. To send a message with code block just use backtick and simply type message in between the backsticks. For multiple lines code blocks use three backticks.

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