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How to Update HDMI Driver on Windows 10/11 Windows

The HDMI cable is used to connect our laptops, Nintendo Switch, and PCs to monitors, projectors, and televisions. On the Windows system, you may experience problems because of outdated, corrupted, or when drivers that are incompatible with the operating system. In such a situation, you can update our system HDMI Driver on Windows 10 by utilizing the Device Manager or updating Windows 10.

This article will provide various methods to update the HDMI driver of your system on Windows 10/11.

How to Update the HDMI Driver on Windows 10/11?

To update the “HDMI Driver” on Windows 10/11, try the following Methods:

Method 1: Update the “HDMI” Driver Through the Device Manager

We can update the “HDMI Driver” by utilizing the “Device Manager” by following provided guide.

Step 1: Launch the Device Manager

Open “Device Manager” through the “Start Menu”:

Step 2: Locate the Relevant Device

Look around to find the device:

Step 3: Update the Driver

Right-click on the device and hit “Update Driver”:

Step 4: Let Windows Pick the Best Driver

Select the “Search automatically for drivers” option:

Wait for Windows to search and install the best driver out there:

Method 2: Update Your Windows

Microsoft might have released a new update that can fix the outdated HDMI driver issue. You can try updating the Windows by following the guide.

Step 1: Check For Updates

Utilize the Start menu to open the “Check for updates” window:

Step 2: Install Updates

Hit the highlighted option:

As a result, the HDMI driver will get updated.


The “HDMI Driver” on Windows 10/11 can be updated by following two different methods which include updating the “HDMI Driver” through the device manager or updating your Windows operating system. This blog provided multiple methods to update the driver of the HDMI device.

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