How to update author bio in WordPress

This brief article explains how to update the author bio in WordPress.

After reading this article, you’ll know how to edit the WordPress author bio in a few simple steps, both from the dashboard settings and by installing a plugin.

The plugin method allows you to customize the author bio box and add social media icons and configure default policies to display author info.

The tutorial includes screenshots for each described step, making it easy for all WordPress users to follow it.

How to edit the author bio in WordPress:

To begin, log in to your WordPress dashboard, and on the left menu, move your cursor over the Users option, then press the All Users option displayed on the submenu (Users>All Users).

The All Users screen will show a list of all registered users. Move your mouse cursor over the user whose bio you want to edit, and press the Edit button as shown in the screenshot below.

On the user’s configuration screen, scroll the page down until you find a section named Biographical Info, as shown in the following image. You need to type the new bio information you want to be shown in the user’s bio.

When adding the author bio, you can include HTML code with links if you want.

Once you finish typing the user’s bio, scroll down and press the Save Changes button.

Now your author bio info is updated.

Adding WordPress author bio using a plugin:

You also can add a responsive author bio by implementing a plugin. For this tutorial, I will show how to install and use the plugin named Simple Author Box. This plugin also includes social media icons in the author’s bio.

To begin adding the author bio with this plugin, first, you need to install it. Move your mouse cursor over the Plugins option on the dashboard left menu, then press the Add New option from the displayed submenu (Plugins>Add New).

On the Add Plugins page, type “author bio” on the keywords search field. When the plugin named Simple Author Box shows up, press the Install Now button as shown below.

Once installed, press the Activate button to enable the plugin.

On the left menu, press the Plugins option, then press All Plugins to show all your installed plugins (Plugins>All Plugins).

On the plugins page, scroll down to find the Simple Author Box. Press the Configure Author Box to access the configuration options.

Another way to open the Simple Author Box configuration screen is through Appearance>Simple Author Box, as shown below.

On the plugin’s configuration screen, you will see the following menu. In the following steps, I will describe each option.

The main screen (Visibility) allows you to decide if the author bio appears automatically or manually add it when you add an entry. You can also automatically hide the author box if it has no content.

The second option (Elements) allows you to show or hide the author’s mail. If the author bio includes social media icons, you can define if they open in a new browser tab. You also can hide social media icons by default.

The Appearance option is helpful to define margins, padding, and borders width.

The Colors section is helpful to design the author box. Here you can assign a color to each item to make the author box original and compatible with your site’s look.

In the Typography section, you can choose the font for the author box.

Once you configure the Simple Author Box plugin, go back to the user profile and scroll down until you find a Custom User Profile Image (Simple Author Box). Here you can upload a profile image for the author.

Then keep scrolling down, and you will find Social Media Links (Simple Author Box). Here you can add social network icons by adding the URL of each social network profile/page you want to be shown in the author bio.

Once you finish all changes, press the Update User button to apply them.


As you can see, updating the WordPress author bio is a simple task. All WordPress-level users can achieve this with a few simple clicks, as shown in the steps described previously. WordPress offers a lot of alternative plugins to manage your site author bios, but keep in mind adding plugins massively may affect your site performance. Before installing a plugin, consider the pros and cons. I hope this tutorial helped improve your site.

Thank you for reading this tutorial showing how to edit the author bio in WordPress.

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