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How to Update Arch Linux

Linux-based systems require frequent updates as the updates carry bug fixes, security updates, better interactivity, and much more. Arch Linux is among the Linux distros that have rolling releases that state that Arch Linux must be updated frequently to get the updates.

In Arch Linux, the advantages of updating the system are manifold, such as getting the latest version of packages or synchronizing the system’s database with the official repository. However, one can update the Arch Linux system to fix the broken packages and download the latest version to replace them.

Keeping in view the importance of updates on Arch Linux, this article provides the possible ways to update Arch Linux.

How to update Arch Linux

Arch Linux and its distributions have a package manager named Pacman such as apt in Debian-based distributions.

How to update the database and packages

The Pacman can be used to synchronize and update the system’s packages with the newest releases. To do so, use the following command:

# pacman -Syu

The above image shows that the packages are up to date.

How to perform a forceful system update

What if you have broken packages and you want to update them as well?

In such a situation, the Pacman is exercised with the “-Syyu” flag. The “-Syu” just synchronized and upgraded the packages. However, the “-Syyu” will recreate the database with an upgraded set of packages and can be executed in the following manner:

# pacman -Syyu

It would take some time because all the packages would be downloaded whether they are broken or not.

Bonus Tip

Apart from updating the whole system’s database and packages. The Pacman allows you to update a single package as well by issuing the command written below.

# pacman -Syu <package-name>

The <package-name> must be replaced with the package you want to update.

Note: In this article, all the commands are executed as a root user.


Arch Linux can be updated using the Pacman (package manager of Arch Linux). This article provides a descriptive guide to update Arch Linux. The package manager of Arch Linux named Pacman supports “-Syu” and “-Syyu” flags that can be used to update Arch Linux. The “-Syu” option synchronizes and updates the system, whereas the “-Syyu” flag downloads the fresh copies of all the packages. It is recommended to execute the “-Syu” in various scenarios such as, before installing any package, or for a routine system update. However, the “-Syyu” must be exercised only when there are broken packages in your Arch Linux.

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