UI Designing and Its Relation to Photoshop

As a User Interface (UI) designer, your job would be to design and build an optimal interface between a user and a product.

Taking the example of a website, things, such as its layout, positioning of icons, colors, shapes, sizes, scrollbars, and navigational elements, are all decided and implemented by a user interface (UI) designer.

UI designing is a trending skill in the market these days. On top of trending, it pays pretty well. There are a lot of tools and platforms available online which can help you learn, and you can practice UI designing to become a pro at it. Software like Sketch and Adobe XD are powerful tools for UI designing.

However, in this article, we will discuss another powerful tool called Adobe Photoshop and understand if it can create UI designs. We will also mitigate all the possibilities revolving around it.

Can I Learn UI Design With Photoshop?

Talking about Adobe Photoshop, it is a software to edit and manipulate photographs to enhance their look. It offers several features that allow you to crop an image, draw on it, add text on an image, insert and merge more than one image, add clip art, and do a lot more editing.

Although this may seem like it has nothing to do with UI designing, you can create a basic web page or application layout using simple photo editing tools if you look closely and think about it.

But as a professional, we sure want to create something more than just the basic. We want to create designs that inspire, express, and fulfill the user and product requirements at the same time.

Is Photoshop Good to Create Pro-Level UI Designs?

Many designers use Photoshop for UI design. However, it is not the best tool for it.

The popularity of Photoshop is what makes it one of the top picks amongst UI designers, even though it was initially built for photo editing. But this popularity and demand for Photoshop have made its developers consider it. Over the past few years, they have equipped Photoshop with tools and features optimal for UI designing. So apparently, many people use it for photo editing and UI designing, and they have achieved good results.

But because Photoshop is a photo editor with design and development features added, it becomes a little hard for beginners to learn UI design. Unlike the software specifically targeted and developed for designing, Photoshop does not have features like integrated prototyping, but that doesn’t concern developers much because it can always be done using a third-party application.

Despite not being the ideal choice for someone who is a beginner in the field of UI Design, Photoshop does come with an exclusive set of benefits that make it a good choice.

It has integrated tools for creating some cool animated GIFs, and it also has the best export options to offer when it comes to pixel-based graphics. This becomes specifically important for maintaining the quality and the file size of a graphic design.

What Skills Should I Develop to Become A Pro UI Designer?

Just like any other work, UI designing also requires you to have some skills. The skills required to be a UI designer are easy to develop and enhance with practice.

But before mentioning the specific skills you need to develop, here is an obvious (but not so obvious) thing that many people tend to ignore. A considerable inclination towards design, in general, is something taken for granted that it gets ignored without being said.

While making something visual for an audience or user base, you have to ensure that it is appealing to the eye. Making a good and exclusive design is possible only when you have a natural inclination to understand what a user might like and eye-catching.

Talking about an inclination toward design, making something eye-catching is just not enough. Being rational and technical with your designs is equally important. It is your responsibility to determine what icon or button should go where to ease the user and make sure that it is optimal for the backend on the technical front. That means you should be able to take technological evolvement and trends hand-in-hand.

Ensure that your design doesn’t cause issues with the backend wiring. You will need to have basic knowledge about the backend and the technicalities of your project as well. Therefore, awareness about the UX and backend is also important for a UI designer.

Last but not the least, you should be able to make a design that not only satisfies and engages the user but fulfills the requirements of the product and aligns with the mission of the company as well. For this, you will have to obsess over the minutest details and be in the shoes of both the users and the company because even the small details make a big difference here.


Like every other thing, Photoshop has its pros and cons, and whether to choose it or not becomes very subjective. Photoshop might not be an ideal tool for UI designing, but it can still be used to make pretty amazing designs, provided you have good command over the software.

Even though there are software in the market that are specifically developed for UI designing, Photoshop has managed to gain popularity amongst UI designers. Not only gain popularity, but it has also managed to stay at a significant position in the market. This is what makes Photoshop a big deal in the industry and this is what makes it stand out. We hope you found this article helpful. Check out other Linux Hint articles for tips and information.

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