Ubuntu 21.04 without Gnome 40?

Gnome has been designed as a desktop environment for Unix-based Operating Systems. It gives you a convenient, user-friendly interface and allows users to select appearance from numerous desktop designs. Gnome helped to make the best and focused working environment computing experience for the new user.

According to news, Gnome 40 arrives in March 2021, a month before releasing a new Ubuntu 21.04.

As we all know, Ubuntu always comes-up with Gnome features like Ubuntu 20.04 adopts features of Gnome 3.38. But now, Ubuntu 21.04 won’t follow the trend as the upcoming release of Ubuntu 21.04 has decided to change its plan. Ubuntu 21.04 will be continued to Gnome 3.38 with GTK3.

There are many reasons behind it, Gnome 40 comes-up with several new features with different UI, but Ubuntu developers feel it may take time to adopt or evaluate the design change.

Since 21.04, the Ubuntu desktop used to prefer a vertical layout as an app launcher on the left corner.

GTK4 has many capable and impressive features that would benefit app developers, but its transformation to the “Yaru theme” will take time as it is not a simple task.

Ubuntu users might be disappointed with this news; sticking with the previous release Gnome 3.38 with GTK3 means Ubuntu 21.04 would not be much changed with visual features.


Ubuntu 21.04 will not follow the trend of adopting changes with the new release. As it is obvious, the new version of Ubuntu always comes-up with a new release of Gnome. Ubuntu developers have now changed the plan as they will stick to Gnome 3.38 with GTK3 for the upcoming release.

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