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How to Turn Raspberry Pi Desktop Look to MacOS

Raspberry Pi operating system is a Debian-based Linux distribution which can be used to host an operating system on the Raspberry Pi device. The Raspberry Pi operating system includes the LXDE desktop environment which is suitable on the single boards of the computers. But we can make the Raspberry Pi operating system look like the macOS, having the desktop themes of the macOS and the dock of macOS by using the “Twister OS” on the Raspberry Pi.

In this write-up, we will install the Twister OS on the Raspberry Pi device and change the desktop environment of the Raspberry Pi similar to the macOS.

How to download the Twister Operating System

To enjoy the macOS Desktop look and features, we can download the Twister OS ISO file from its official website. When the website of Twister OS is Open, click on the “Downloads”:

Then click on the “Twister OS for Raspberry Pi 4”:

And click on the “DOWNLOAD” button, to download the image file of the operating system:

It will take some time depending on the speed of your internet, once it is downloaded, uncompressed the downloaded zip file by right-clicking on the icon of compressed zip file and choosing Extract to “TwisterOSv2-1-2.img\”:

After this download the “balenaEther” from its official website.

How to burn the image file of Twister OS on a memory card

To burn the image file of Twister OS, we will first launch the “balenaEtcher”, then click on the “Flash from file” and choose the location where the image file is extracted:

Then choose the “Select target” and assign the location of the memory card on which the image file of Twister OS is supposed to be burnt and then click on the “Flash!” button:

Once the image is burnt on the SD card successfully, we will eject the SD card from the computer.

How to turn the Raspberry Pi Desktop look to macOS

Insert the SD card to the Raspberry Pi containing the Twister OS image, and turn on the Raspberry Pi. When the Raspberry Pi is turned on, a Dialogue box will appears:

The Dialogue box displaying a message to change the theme of the desktop, click on the “Next” button to change it:

There will be different options choose the “iTwister” which will apply the changes according to the macOS and click on the close button:

The session will start to save the changes by rebooting the operating system and when the operating system will restart, it will looks like a macOS operating system:


The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer which mostly hosts the official Raspberry Pi operating system but other operating systems can be installed too. To change the desktop look similar to the macOS, the most convenient approach is to install the Twister OS on the Raspberry Pi. In this write-up, we have downloaded the image of the Twister OS and burnt it on the SD card to use the Twister OS on the Raspberry Pi and also we have configured the Twister OS so that the desktop looks similar to the macOS.

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