How to Turn On/Off Caps Lock on a Chromebook Laptop?

As you know that Chromebook laptops are different from other laptops in many ways, so if you have shifted from a Mac or a Windows laptop to a Chromebook you may find some differences. One of the differences is that Chromebook laptops don’t have a caps lock key and, in its place, there is a search key button. Read this article to know how to use Caps lock on Chromebook.

Why do Chromebook Laptops don’t have a Caps Lock?

Chromebooks are easy to carry devices that are also compact in size and for this the unimportant keys are removed from it like caps lock. Chromebook are mostly used for browsing and small tasks and users mostly use a search key to search all types of data so that’s why in Chromebook you don’t require a caps lock key and it is replaced with a search key which is also known as everything button.

Two Ways to Turn On/Off Caps Lock on a Chromebook Laptop

Caps lock key is the upgraded version of shift key as it allows you to write the upper-case alphabet without the shift key. Chromebooks does not have a caps lock key but it doesn’t mean you can’t use caps lock key in it, there are some ways to use caps lock while typing like:

1: Turn on/off caps lock on a Chromebook using keyboard shortcut

2: Turn on/off caps lock on a Chromebook by replacing search key with caps lock

1: Turn On/Off Caps Lock on a Chromebook Using Keyboard Shortcut

In Chromebook laptop, you can easily turn your caps lock on and off using a keyboard shortcut. Press the Alt+Search button together to turn on the caps lock key. A pop will be displayed showing that your caps lock is on. Similarly, if you want to turn the caps lock key off, press the same keys (Alt+Search) again.

2: Turn On/Off Caps Lock on a Chromebook by Replacing Search Key With Caps Lock Key

As you have noticed, in the place of caps lock key, there is a search key so you can also use that search key as a caps lock key by modifying it from the Settings of your Chromebook. For this, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Click on the display time on the bottom right corner of the Chromebook’s screen to open the Settings:

Step 2: Click on Device option and select the Keyboard in Chromebook’s settings:

Step 3: Click on the drop-down menu in front of the search key and click on caps lock option. Your search key will now act as a Caps Lock key:

Why is the Caps Lock still not Working?

If you have tried both methods, and fail to turn the caps lock on, simply go for the hard reset. To hard reset your Chromebook, follow these steps:

Step 1: Power off your Chromebook.

Step 2: Press the refresh and power button on your Chromebook simultaneously.

After the hard reset, implement the above mentioned methods again. If you still fail to use caps lock key on your Chromebook then there might be an issue with your keyboard, contact the manufacturer/repairer to fix your keyboard issues.


Chromebooks are different from other laptops in terms of functions as the purpose of designing Chromebook is different from other laptops. Chromebooks are designed for school-based browsing and searching and for this reason the caps lock key in Chromebook is replaced by a search button. You can Utilize the search key in place of caps lock button. To use the caps lock key on your Chromebook, follow the methods listed above. And if you fail to use caps lock key see the why caps lock is not working part of the article.

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