How do I turn on and enable Overlay in Discord

Discord provides a vast amount of options that represent its appealing features as a digital distribution platform. It can be utilized for gaming, communicating with friends, and business purposes. Although Discord has a relatively simple interface, still most of the Discord users do not have time to find out its advanced functions. That’s why the “Overlay” feature of the Discord seems undiscovered.

In-Game Overlay in Discord

The Discord overlay is a graphical layer that can permit you to chat with your Discord friends while playing games. It is supported by the majority of the triple A title games. Turning on the overlay option will also let you see incoming calls, follow chat topics, and receive notifications using a single monitor.

While voice chatting and messaging simultaneously, you can open and close Overlay, which makes it convenient to use even when you are gaming. The best moment to utilize this option is when you play a game with your friends on Discord and want to coordinate and communicate quickly while playing. Overlay in Discord also plays its part in streaming and managing your games over Discord while you are in-game.

Using the overlay function in Discord is simple and customizable according to your selection. You can turn on the Discord overlay only with the games you want. In another way, you can enable it to appear over your game in Discord or be completely invisible unless you manually open it.

Additional features of Discord Overlay

Discord has various additional overlay features that are quite useful for a Discord user when playing a game. That’s why we have listed the most commendable overlays for you to get started and enjoy:

While playing games, the pin function allows you to keep track of live updates. When you pin a channel during a game, the Discord overlay box will still be displayed on your screen. However, the platform claims that you would not interact until you turn the in-game overlay option.

When you enable the Discord overlay option, you can access a variety of notifications, such as notifications related to texts, emails, incoming phone calls, and gaming invitations. Additionally, the size and location of these notification boxes can be customized using the activity settings.

Why Overlay is invisible in your Discord

It is possible that you have not turned on the “In-Game Overlay” option, or you have not configured the Discord overlay settings properly; that’s why Overlay is invisible in your Discord. Some games also need to be manually added to the game list, and for those games, you have to enable the Discord overlay option.

How do I turn on and enable Overlay in Discord

Discordians! The in-game overlay option is entirely ready for you to use, and now is the time to integrate your text and voice chat into your game to maximize the effort, concentration and be a part of distraction-free online gaming supremacy.

If you want to turn on and enable Overlay, firstly, open up the Discord application on your operating system:

Now, switch to your account settings window by pressing the “Gear” icon indicating “User Settings” at the bottom-left corner:

In the opened window, click on the “Game Overlay” category from the Activity Settings. Here, you can see the Game Overlay manual comprises the “Enable in-game overlay” option:

You can also set a toggle overlay lock using your keyboard. To turn on and enable Overlay in Discord, click on the “Enable in-game overlay” toggle:

How to enable text chat notification for Discord Overlay

Scroll down through the Game overlay settings to set the position of overlay notifications and enable the Discord to show the text chat notifications:

At this point, Overlay is enabled for your Discord. Now, move towards the “Activity Status” settings and turn on Overlay for the connected games on Discord:

For instance, I have turned on and enable Overlay for playing FIFA 18 on my Discord application:

How to enable keybind for Discord Overly

The keybinding is a connection between a parameter and the physical key of your keyboard. It assists in performing an operation when a particular key is triggered. In Discord, you can add a keybind for activating the overlay chat. To do so, open up the “Keybind” category from the App Settings and then click on the “Add a Keybind” option:

Now, select the “Activate Overlay Chat” option as an action for the added keybind:

After activating specified action, hit the “Record Keybind” option and press the combination of your keyboard keys that you want to bind for overlay chat:

For instance, I have recorded “CTRL+D“. You can add any keyboard key combination according to your preferences:

Go back to the main Discord window, and you are all set to use the features of Discord overlay:


The In-Game Overlay Discord option permits you to simultaneously use voice chatting and messaging features while playing a game. It is excellent to enable Discord overlay when you are playing a game with your Discord friends, and you want to coordinate and communicate or during your gameplay streaming quickly. In this write-up, we have shown how you can turn on and enable Overlay in Discord. Moreover, the procedure for enabling text chat notification and settings keybind for Discord overlay is also provided.

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