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How to Troubleshoot iPhone Screen Mirroring Issues: Effective Solutions

AirPlay is an effective approach to viewing the content of your iPhone on a big screen. It is a convenient way to stream the media between Apple and other compatible devices like Smart TVs, Apple TVs, and Macs. Both devices must be connected with the same Wi-Fi and within the Bluetooth range to work properly. This feature is available in iOS 4.2 and all the latest devices of Apple.

Although it is easy to connect the iPhone with other smart devices, users still face screen mirroring issues sometimes. If you are one of those users and looking for effective solutions to your problem, we are here to provide you with a complete guide.

Reasons For iPhone Screen Mirroring Issues

Below we have listed the possible reasons of screen mirroring not working on your iPhone:

  • The device you are connecting your iPhone to might not be compatible with it.
  • AirPlay will not work if the external device and iPhone are not connected to the same network.
  • If you have a poor internet connection, then the screen mirroring performance can be affected.
  • Outdated software can cause compatibility issues.

Troubleshooting iPhone Screen Mirroring Issues: Effective Solutions

When screen mirroring stops working on your iPhone, you will need to transfer the Photos, videos, or other content to the USB and then connect it to the TV. It is a time-consuming process and not an effective solution, you can use the following solutions to troubleshoot the iPhone screen Mirroring issues:

1: Restart Your iPhone

The first and direct way to resolve minor glitches in your device is to restart your iPhone. The restarting process varies from iPhone to iPhone. You can read this guide to learn how to restart your iPhone.

2: Check the Compatibility of Devices

AirPlay works with Apple-compatible devices like Apple TV, Mac, and iPad. If you are trying to connect your iPhone with a device that is not compatible with Apple, the AirPlay will not work. You can check the compatibility of your external device by looking at the AirPlay icon on the description of your TV box. Most televisions from Samsung and LG support AirPlay.

3: Connect with the Same Wi-Fi Network

Screen mirroring of the iPhone will only work if both the iPhone and the external device are connected to the same network. The Screen mirroring will not work if the devices are connected to different networks.

4: Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings of your iPhone might resolve the glitches of your device, follow the below steps to reset network settings:

Step 1: Launch the device Settings of your iPhone:

Step 2: Tap on the General option:

Step 3: Next, look for the Transfer or Reset iPhone option and tap on it:

Step 4: At the bottom of the screen, you will find the Reset option, tap on it:

Step 5: From the pop-up menu, choose Reset Network Settings:

5: Disable VPN on Your iPhone

If the VPN is activated on your device, it modifies the IP address of your device. To turn off the VPN of your smart TV go to its settings. To Turn off the VPN on your iPhone, repeat the below steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings of your iPhone and tap on VPN:

Step 2: Turn the toggle off for Status:

6: Disable Low Power Mode

The low mode might disable the AirPlay of your iPhone. You can disable Low power mode by tapping on the option from the Control Center of your iPhone.

7: Enable Screen Mirroring on the iPhone

You must enable the screen mirroring on your iPhone to connect it with the external device. To enable the screen mirroring, follow the below-written steps:

Step 1: Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the Screen Mirroring icon:

Step 2: Tap on the TV name that appears on your screen, to connect it to your iPhone:

8: Update to the Latest Version of iOS

Ensure that your iPhone and the device you are connecting the iPhone with must be running on the latest version of iOS. You can update the iPhone from the Settings of your device.

Bottom Line

In the above guide, we have mentioned the potential causes of screen mirroring issues of the iPhone. We have also discussed the troubleshooting solutions for iPhone not connecting with any external device. You must ensure that both devices are in the Bluetooth range and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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