Where is the Traveling Merchant in Roblox Pet Simulator X?

Pet Simulator X is a game developed by BIG Games Pets on Roblox. In this game, you adopt the pets that help you to mine the coins. Players collect coins and gems to unlock the more powerful pets and biomes. Owning and collecting pets is the major goal of this game.

The merchant in Pet Simulator X is the vendor that sells the pets for a limited time. The merchant offers three different pets, not only limited to common but also offers rainbow pets. It allows anyone with 100 million diamonds to get pets. This guide will discuss the traveling merchant, the time it spawns, its location, and what he offers.

What Is the Travelling Merchant in Roblox?

The mini shop or a larger wooden cart, a traveling merchant, was added to the pet simulator in 2021. It is more expensive than the mysterious merchant. It sells eggs at 65% more price than the mysterious merchant. It offers three different pets, i.e., Normal golden and rainbow variations. Players will need a certain respect level to purchase the pets, which they can raise by doing business with the merchant.

When it appears in the game, a message will pop up on your screen that says: The traveling merchant has arrived and will stay for 10 minutes.

And after 10 minutes, the message will appear: The traveling merchant has departed.

Where Is the Traveling Merchant in Roblox Pet Simulator X?

The traveling Merchant appears in either the Shop area or the Trading Plaza. The shop area is present in the spawn world.

The trading plaza is present behind the eggs, and you need 1,000,000 Diamonds to unlock the entrance. Once you unlock the trading plaza, you will have access to the machines of the game i.e., Golden machine, rainbow machine, and upgrading machine.

What Time the Travelling Merchant Appears in Roblox?

The traveling merchant appears only for 10 minutes and spawns every 50 minutes. Just play the game, and when the message pops up on your screen, then reach the shopping plaza before the merchant disappears.

What Travelling Merchant Offers?

The merchant usually sells pets according to the update and the levels of the players in the game. The traveling merchant offers the following pets:

  • Pixel Pink Slime
  • Astral Axolotl
  • Pixel Dragon
  • Pixel Wolf
  • Empyrean Axolotl
  • Hellish Axolotl
  • Pixel Demon

He brings only three rare pets, which players can purchase for anywhere between 5 million to 70 million Diamonds. Sometimes the Traveling Merchant has a very low stock of pets, which means first come, first serve.


The Traveling merchant appears every 50 minutes in the game and stays for only 10 minutes. it usually spawns in the shop area or the trading plaza. The traveling merchant has three different variants of pets and costs more than the mysterious merchant. You can purchase pets by using diamonds instead of coins.

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