How to trade with the Piglins in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the piglins are neutral mobs that won’t hurt you unless you wear at least one golden armour. Thus it’s something the player should be aware of before entering the Nether which is their primary habitat and you won’t find them in any other dimension.

It is noteworthy to notice that when they see gold, they’ll put everything on hold no matter what they are chasing. This also implies that if they are chasing and trying to hit you then you can throw some gold towards them and they will stop, investigate the item and in return they will offer you some random items that you can pick from the ground. So how you can reach nether and how you can find a piglin for trade will be discussed in detail in this article

How to trade with Piglins in Minecraft

Trading with piglins consists of multiple parts that we are going to discuss in detail

Crafting gold ingots:

First of all, you need raw gold that can be found deep in caves. After that you need a fuel source and here you can use any wooden planks that you can get by cutting trees. Now the last important item that you require is the furnace. After getting raw gold and fuel you need to place them in a furnace where you will get the gold ingot through the smelting process.

You can craft a furnace by placing eight cobblestones inside the crafting table as shown below which you can get by digging blocks of rocks using a pickaxe.

This is what it looks like when you place it on the surface:

Now when you place the wooden planks and raw gold inside the furnace, you will be able to see the smelting process that will provide you with iron ingots as shown below.

As stated earlier, piglins love gold, and you need to wear at least one armour on you so that they won’t attack you. For this we are going to craft golden shoes and we need four golden ingots that we have already crafted as shown below.

Creating a Nether Portal : Now you are good to go to face the piglins and for that you need to create a nether portal as they can only be found there. To create a portal you will need at least ten blocks of obsidian and obsidian is the black rock as shown in the image below and it can be found by mixing water and lava together.

After collecting the required amount of obsidian you need to create a portal as shown below.

Now you need to create a flint and steel which is used to activate a portal. For that you need two items: the first one is the iron ingot that can be crafted by placing iron and fuel inside a furnace and the second item is the flint that can be obtained by breaking gravel.

Now you can activate the portal by equipping the flint and steel and then right click on the obsidian and later you can see the activation process as shown below.

Trading with Piglins

Now your portal is ready and you can teleport yourself by jumping towards the nether but before that you need to make sure that you have equipped yourself with golden boots.

After reaching the netherite, you need to find the piglin that will look something like this as shown below.

It’s better to block its path by digging so that it can’t go away from you. Although a gold ingot is the traditional object of trade for piglins, they will accept any gold-based item. So you need to throw any type of gold that he will pick and in return he will also throw some random items on the ground that you need to pick up that are shown below.

As you can see, in return we got some gravel, leather, blackstone and a spectral arrow.


The Piglins are a neutral creature in Minecraft that will not harm you unless you are wearing at least one golden armour. Gold has captivated them entirely, and it is the only thing that keeps their world spinning. You need to go to another world with the name of ‘Nether’ where you need to find them and then you can trade with them by throwing any type of gold in front of them and this whole process we have discussed in detail in this article.

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