How to Trade in Roblox Mobile?

The list of platforms supported by Roblox is huge, people can also play Roblox on their cell phone as well by downloading its mobile application. Trading is a feature that most of the online gaming platforms miss, but Roblox provides its users with the opportunity of trading different items either by selling or by exchanging items with other players.

However, there is one constraint for trading in Roblox and that is the user must be a premium member of Roblox. If you are playing Roblox on cell phone and interested in trading with other players, then go through this article as it provides the stepwise process for trading items in Roblox mobile.

Trading in Roblox Mobile

To trade in Roblox if you play games using its mobile application then you can do it by two ways:

  • Trading in Roblox by searching the respective player
  • Trading in Roblox mobile by searching the desired item

Method 1: Trading in Roblox by Searching the Respective Player

To make the process of trading items on Roblox mobile easy I have described the whole process in steps so follow the given steps below:

Step 1: Get Your Roblox Premium Membership

Open your Roblox application on your mobile and click on the Ellipsis icon on the bottom right of you application and scroll down the menu and click on the Settings option to go to your account setting:

In the settings go to the billing option and click on the “Join” button to become the premium member of Roblox:

Next either click on “Get Premium” or “Subscribe Now” to buy the premium membership:

This step is only for those who do not have the premium membership of Roblox because to trade in Roblox it is mandatory to have a premium membership.

Step 2: Turn on the Trade Option

The next step is to turn on the trade option in the “Privacy Settings” of your account that will be displayed once you purchase its premium membership:

Step 3: Look for the Player from Whom You Want to Trade With

Most of the players on Roblox has made their inventory visible and if you have the player’s name or his/her user ID who have an item that you want then search for that player from the search bar at the top:

Once you have opened the profile of the player click on the ellipsis icon on the right side and from the drop-down menu click on the “Inventory”. From there select the trade option that will be visible to premium members click on it and your request and offer page for trading will open that will be showing inventory of both players.

Next select the desired item from the player’s inventory and after that select the item you want to give in return from your inventory and make an offer. This is how you can trade by searching the user in Roblox mobile.

Method 2: Trading in Roblox Mobile by Searching the Desired Item

Another way to doing trade is by searching the item you want on Roblox and for that here are a few steps that you must go through:

Step 1: Open the catalog of Roblox by selecting the “Catalog” option after clicking on the ellipsis icon at the bottom left of the Roblox mobile application:

Step 2: Once you select the catalog option the Roblox shop will open and next select the “Limited” option to see the items that are in for trade. Search for the desired item and after fining the respective item click on it and scroll down the page where you will see its resellers and player who want to trade that specific item:

If you have the respective item any of the players are demanding to give away the item you want, you can simply click on the trade icon in front of that player. Remember the trades offered by the other player will only be visible to you when you are a premium member of Roblox.


Having avatar customization adds more fun in playing games and platforms like Roblox provide one for its users. The feature is not only limited to customization only, but Roblox gives the opportunity to its players to trade the rare items with one another.

If you are playing Roblox games on your mobile then don’t worry you can also avail this feature, you just must become a premium member to make a trade. You can trade in Roblox either by searching for the specific player having the item you need, or you can trade items by looking for it in the catalog of Roblox.

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