How to trade in Roblox | Step by Step Guide

For game enthusiasts the Roblox is one of the best platforms that provides gamers with an overwhelming experience of playing and developing games. Another feature that contributes to such experience is the trading option for the Roblox members as they can trade different items with one another. So, in this guide I have given a detailed process of trading different items with other players.

Trading on Roblox

If you are looking for any collectable item on Roblox then there is a trading option available on the platform by which you can exchange items at your desired price with other players. If you are interested in trading on Roblox platform then try the following steps:

  1. Buy a premium membership
  2. Enable your trading option
  3. Search for the player you want to trade with
  4. Select the item you need, and item you want to trade

Step 1 : Buy a premium membership

To get yourself eligible for trade on Roblox you need a premium membership and to buy the membership go to your settings menu and click on the Billing option, next click on the Join icon:

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Next you can select the respective deal or package suitable for you:

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Step 2 : Enable your trading option

Once you have got the premium membership the next step is to enable the trade option from the Privacy Settings:

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To open the Privacy Settings, click on the Settings icon and then on the Privacy option, for the premium members there will be a drop down menu in the trade option from there you can enable the trade.

Step 3 : Search for the player you want to trade with

After enabling the trade option, you are good to go. Every player has its own catalog of items to trade. You can trade by searching the username of any player in the search bar:

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Do click on the option that says “in People” as highlighted in the image above, now once you have found the player, click on it and its profile will be opened:

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Next click on the three dots (Meatballs menu) on the upper right corner of the players’ profile and in case of premium membership there will be an option of trades items, so click on it and as a result your offer and request list will open.

Step 4 : Select the item you need, and item you want to trade

Once you have clicked on the trade items you will see the items that the respective player wants to trade along with its price and your offer. Your request list and offer list will open on the right side of the page having price and details of the items.

Now you can select the item from your inventory to trade it with the desired item that the other player is trading, so set the price of your item. Next select the “Make Offer” icon on the bottom right side.

The notification of your offer will be sent to the respective player in its personal message and remember there will be a 30 % fee that will be deducted by the Roblox and also remember you cannot add more than 50% of the current price offer you are currently getting.

Trading by searching the desired item

You can also trade by searching for the desired item first instead of the player. You can search for the the item by going through the collectables menu and then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the Catalog option in the top menu bar of Roblox webpage of your account

Step 2: Next click on the Collectables option in the category menu on the left side and select collectable type

Step 3: Once you have selected the item you will see a tab of Private Sales as you scroll down the page and click on the player name who is trading that respective item.

Step 4: On selecting the username the player’s profile will open, so scroll down the player’s profile you will see a More button, click on it and a drop down menu will open which has an option called Trade Items. Select the Trade items option and as a result your offer and request will be opened that has the details of your inventory and the item.

Points to remember while trading on Roblox platform

  • You cannot trade the game passes
  • You cannot trade the free items
  • You cannot trade from mobile App, you have to do it from the webpage
  • You can put the items you want to trade in your about page or can see in the trade hangout page to see if someone needs the item you want to trade
  • You need a premium membership to trade on Roblox platform and can only trade with the player having premium membership


Trading on Roblox is a great opportunity to collect some of the rarest items or the things you like that other players have and they are offering them for trade. However, for trading there is a restriction that both the players should have the premium membership. For the players who are interested in trading on Roblox I have described the process of trading on Roblox in a detailed way.

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