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YouTube is probably the biggest video sharing platform. YouTube was launched by three former PayPal employees Jawad Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen in February 2005. The number of daily visitors on YouTube is about 30 million. There are around 30 million YouTube channels and 2400 channels with 1 million subscribers, which is enormous. YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 Billion.

YouTube has all kinds of videos like Vlogs, tech videos, product reviews, movies, music, gaming videos, VR videos, and educational videos. In short, YouTube has everything for everyone. The most important thing is all the content on YouTube is free to watch and there is no restriction.

In this article, we will particularly discuss Virtual reality content on YouTube, channels that mainly focus on virtual reality, and the best VR content creators.

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology; it is easy to find a prank video on YouTube than a VR video. But companies like Facebook and Google are aware of where the trend is heading. Both companies are working very fast to dominate the VR market. There are about 800,000 videos on YouTube about VR. The pleasing thing about YouTube is that you can upload your VR video and then allow others to enjoy the immersive experience. YouTube fully supports VR/360 video content, thanks to some good content creators who are focusing VR specifically.

First and the best channel for virtual reality content is Google’s own YouTube VR. YouTube’s virtual reality channel has 3.4 million subscribers. Google has its own VR headsets known as Google Cardboard and Google Daydream. Google’s own channel is the prime way to enjoy a quality immersive experience. This channel has hundreds of VR videos to enjoy. Google has also launched the YouTube VR app. This app is available for Oculus, Vive, PlayStation VR, and android users. You can use any headset to watch these videos. You can visit “” to get the latest about virtual reality on YouTube.

Let’s discuss some other VR based YouTube channels.

3D-VR-360 Videos

It is another big channel that provides VR/360 immersive videos. This channel has around 1.4 million subscribers and hundreds of videos to enjoy. VR gaming to roller coaster rides, there are a variety of videos. You can use any headset to enjoy the immersive experiences provided by this channel.

360 Vacation VR

360 Vacation VR channel is also about VR/360 videos. This channel is versatile and has videos about gaming, unboxing, and travel. This channel has 209K subscribers. Use any headset to dive into the immersive experience.


CAPTIVISION  is another exclusive VR/360 video channel. This channel provides an immersive experience of some beautiful cities in Europe and America. Use your Oculus, Vive, or Daydream headsets to enjoy these immersive experiences.

VR Gorilla – Virtual Reality and 360 Videos VR gorilla

VR Gorilla – Virtual Reality and 360 Videos VR gorilla is a new channel with a decent number of subscribers and offering great virtual reality content. This channel has content related to travel and tours in 6k and 8k. You can enjoy the immersive experience of different cities in the world just by sitting at home. If you are a VR headset owner, then don’t forget to visit this channel.

3D ‘n’ Play

3D ‘n’ Play channel was launched in 2010. It is one of the oldest channels and offers a variety of 3D VR content to watch. It offers VR/360 videos along with stereoscopic experiences. This channel has 298k subscribers. Get your VR headset and watch some 3D VR content.

Virtual Disney World

Virtual Disney World who don’t want to visit Disney World. Well, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can enjoy the entire Disney world just by sitting at home. All you need a VR headset. Virtual Disney world is a channel with 92k subscribers provides content about Disney land. If you want to enjoy and Disney Land roller coaster subscribe to this channel.

VR 360 TV

VR 360 TV is another channel that provides VR immersive experience in 4K. This channel has a variety of videos. You can find videos related to travel, theme park rides, and 360 gaming. This channel also has some horror immersive Videos.


Virtual Reality 360 Video Channel

Virtual Reality 360 Video Channel is another travel-based channel. This channel provides exclusive 360 videos. This channel has 360 videos of different places in Europe.


These are the big channels that are dedicated to VR videos. Let’s discuss some good creators who talk about what’s latest in the VR world. These content creators have dedicated VR tech channels.


If you want to know anything latest about the virtual reality world, then Nathie’s youtube channel is the most suitable place. Nathie is Netherland based creator who talks about virtual reality technology, reviews VR headsets and accessories, and create VR gaming content. Nathie has 607K subscribers.


Virtual Reality Oasis

This is another tech channel dedicated to virtual reality content. It has 320k subscribers. This channel regularly updates about progress in the virtual reality field and reviews the latest VR accessories. If you are a VR tech enthusiast, then this channel is for you.


Tyriel Wood – VR Tech

This is another channel that talks about VR technology. This channel is specific about VR headsets. This channel also provides buying guides of VR headset. So, if you are interested in buying a VR headset or if you want to know the thorough reviews of VR Headset, then don’t forget to have a look at this channel.



In this article, we discussed some best YouTube VR content creators. We reviewed some channels which have some great VR content like YouTube’s own VR channel, ”3D-VR-360 videos”, “360 Vacation VR” etc. We also discussed some travel destination-based channels that give you an immersive experience of any city like “CAPTIVISION”, “Virtual Disney World” and “Virtual Reality 360 Video” Channel. but if you are interested in VR tech and accessories then “Nathie”, “Virtual Reality Oasis” and “Tyriel Wood – VR Tech” are some great contenders. VR technology has a lot of potential therefore, many other channels are also discussing VR videos and VR headsets and its accessories in some form.

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