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Top VR Sports Games in 2021

Virtual reality (VR) has changed the way of getting entertained, especially in 2021, because many of us are spending more time at home. Due to being at home, people sometimes are limited to access to playing their favorite sports. When there is a problem, there is a solution as well. How about having a virtual reality headset to get rid of boredom? There are many VR headsets, but Oculus Quest 2 is one of the popular choices:

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You can enjoy your favorite sport just by sitting in your room, whether it’s bowling, tennis, baseball, golf, or even climbing. You can be in a sports arena, golf course, tennis court without physically being there, thanks to the magic of virtual reality.

Many sports games are covering a range of sports. But if you are in a pinch, this write-up will list some of the best sports games that you should try in 2021. So let’s begin:

1 Archer Kings VR:

Archery in VR is absolute fun. The first game is about archery, Archer Kings VR. This game gives a life-like archery experience with realistic mechanics. Archery Kings VR is more of an archery simulator with easy to grasp controls. The game is stunning when it comes to visuals. There are 5 different difficulty levels. The only drawback is that the game is short, but if you truly want to enjoy a real-time archery experience, go for it.

2 Golf Club VR:

Playing golf on a flat screen with a normal gaming controller is no less than a bummer. How about being on the golf course instead of seeing it on screen? Well, that’s possible with virtual reality headset and their motion controllers. Golf Club VR is a golf simulator with a real-time golf experience. The game provides a well-thought golf experience. Graphically this game is outstanding. This game is recommended to both experienced and new players because the in-game tutorial is easy to understand.

3 Racket Fury Table Tennis VR:

Racket Fury is a table tennis game but with a twist. It offers a single-player campaign mode where you have to face 16 opponents. This very polished table tennis game has the following key features:

  • Engaging single-player campaign
  • Two modes to choose from Simulation and Arcade
  • Advance physics to give a realistic experience
  • Every opponent has a unique characteristic
  • Fully customizable character
  • Challenge anyone from anywhere in multiplayer mode
  • Comes with a practice mode to improve the skill

It is a well praised and highly recommended table tennis experience to enjoy in virtual reality.

4 The Climb:

If you are an adventurous person and love to explore the heights, then no need to go anywhere; get your headset and download “The Climb”. We all know climbing is a thrilling experience; well, you no longer need to hike miles to reach the heights thanks to virtual reality; you can enjoy the same experience in your room.

The climb is an epic adventure that has three distinct game modes. Get fascinated with the beautiful landscape while playing this exhilarating adventure. If you own Oculus Quest, then give it a shot right now.

5 Premium Bowling:

Bowling is simply a fun sport. There are no complex rules to follow. How about enjoying real-time bowling in virtual reality? It would undoubtedly be an exciting experience. Premium Bowling is designed to give a life-like bowling experience. It comes with solo, local, and online multiplayer modes.

Premium Bowling has many beautiful alleys with melodic background music. The balls have unique physical properties and come with an editor to customize the appearance of the ball.

6 The Thrill of the Fight – VR Boxing:

If you are interested in enjoying the authentic virtual reality boxing experience, then “The Thrill of the Fight” is worth mentioning here. It is a room-scale virtual reality experience where you meet some unique challengers, jab, dodge, and top the list of boxing champions. This game is great for workout and learning the basics of boxing.

7 MLB Home Run Derby VR:

This is the most immersive and authentic MLB game. Playing MLB in virtual reality adds a new layer of interactivity, especially the motion controllers give a sensational experience. The game contains four stadiums, and graphically the game is decent. There are two pitching options, normal and pro, and the ball comes slower and faster, respectively. Batting is also a challenging but rewarding experience. The number of stadiums is less, but the precision and accuracy of the game make it distinct among other baseball experiences.

8 Sprint Vector:

If you like sweating out, then grab a copy of Sprint Vector immediately. It is an intensely physical, virtual reality game that relied on your upper body movement, and you need adequate space in your room to enjoy it fully. It is an arcade racer game on rollerblades, and your objective is to find the best path without losing the speed. And beware, there are traps and pits. It is quite an engaging game and must have a VR title.

9 Echo VR:

If you think that free games, come with limited content, then Echo VR is going to prove you wrong. It is a fantastic and, most importantly, free VR title on Oculus. The objective of the game is to grab the disc from the opponent to score the goal. Sounds Simple? But the execution of the game by the developer is simply phenomenal that it never lets you bore.

10 VR Super Sports:

How about having all sports in one title? VR Super Sports is an all-in-one game that offers bowling, homerun derby, soccer, basketball, archery, clay shooting, and boxing. All the sports have basic level mechanics for timely fun, and most of the games lack depth. But if you are a casual gamer and want to enjoy some boxing to kill time, then VR Super Sport is worth trying.


Playing games in virtual reality is completely a different experience. The immersion VR provides unmatchable. There are a variety of games, and VR covers all of them. Sports games are fun to play, especially in VR. A close to the real experience of being in the game world and freedom of interactivity doubles the enjoyment.

The write-up discussed some of the best virtual reality sports titles you should try in 2021. This list by no means the final list; there could be many impressive titles that you like not listed here. Sports titles in virtual reality are not only providing entertainment but also helping to improve the skills of you are a professional athlete.

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