Top 7 Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Alternatives

Given the rapid development that has occurred in the technological sector in recent years, the amount of data that we are dealing with has tremendously increased. More efficient and stable usage of this data requires a large volume of computer storage. As we begin dealing with more and more data, concerns surrounding data security and protection also grow. Since data leakage may lead to major repercussions, such as identity theft, loss of capital, and so on, several measures must be taken to protect our data moving forward.

This is where cloud storage services come into the picture. Cloud storage services allow you to store your data in the cloud, through which you can easily retrieve and access information from anywhere across the globe. One immensely popular cloud storage service is Amazon S3, offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon S3 offers some excellent features and is a great choice for a cloud storage provider.

However, S3 itself is not perfect, falling short of some important features and sometimes providing overkill where it is not necessary. This article looks at the best cloud storage alternatives to Amazon S3 that are currently available on the market.

Digital Ocean Spaces

Digital Ocean Spaces is a leading cloud provider that has become immensely popular among developers. This cloud provider allows you to not only store but also serve and access large amounts of data, alongside immaculate performance. Digital Ocean Spaces has an excellent UI that is easy-to-use and user-friendly, allowing you to drag and drop items to your cloud storage with ease. Digital Ocean Spaces is also extremely cost-effective and has a decent pricing plan, which, in the long run, is much cheaper than what S3 offers. This cloud service also provides a built-in CDN feature that helps to reduce latency. Digital Ocean Spaces is even backed by one of the best documentations available, which has been highly praised by users. This service also allows easy integration with other Digital Ocean services, as well as AWS S3 API.


Wasabi is another excellent cloud storage provider that has gradually grown in popularity among the community. This cloud service offers a neat and tidy interface that is quite like what you would get with S3. Thus, Wasabi is often placed as a direct challenger and competitor to Amazon S3. Wasabi also offers services with much lower costs than S3, along with the same storage capacity as well as faster file transfers and no additional costs of egress and API requests.

Another strength of Wasabi is the availability of security and durability features. Wasabi offers security features, such as two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, to keep your data safe from corruption and degradation.

Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage is an enterprise-level cloud storage provider and comes closest to Amazon S3 in terms of the features that it offers. The Azure cloud service is a Microsoft-based product, which guarantees reliable and high-quality performance to its users. Azure offers a very secure system wherein your access management and storage keys are safely stored and not publicly exposed.

Moreover, the redundancy options that Azure provides allow you to keep your data safe in case of loss due to natural disasters, accidents, or other factors. Azure offers multiple pricing plans, each of which is dependent on several factors, including storage tier, region and availability of storage, amount of data to store, and so on.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is another enterprise-level cloud provider that exists in the same league as Amazon and Azure. This cloud service has one of the largest networks in the world, as well as high-quality performance, allowing users to use their storage with less downtime and latency. Google Cloud Storage also has an excellent pricing plan, which, as with Azure, depends on several factors, including storage, network, and more. However, Google Cloud Storage is much more economical when large amounts of data need to be stored. This cloud service is also highly secure and offers integration with many GCP products.

IBM Cloud Storage

IBM Cloud Storage is another enterprise cloud storage provider that deserves a place on this list. This cloud storage service is extremely scalable, flexible, and simple, with high-quality performance that allows users to store large amounts of data with ease. IBM Cloud Storage sports an easy-to-use interface that is highly interactive and allows easy migration of data to and from system storage.

IBM Cloud Storage comes with a very rich documentation, along with an excellent support system that is always there to guide users. This service has a payment plan like AWS, offering a pay-as-you-go system that is dependent on multiple factors for cost.


Vultr is a new player in the field, having only come into the picture in 2019. However, Vultr has grown significantly in recent years, and now boasts several datacenters across the globe. Vultr offers high-quality performance, along with an extremely reliable and efficient system. This cloud system offers features such as automatic backups, scheduled backups, and several extensive tools that allow you to manage your storage in a more well-organized manner.

Moreover, Vultr comes with one of the best billing systems, which charges users only when the server is turned on, along with a few other nominal charges. Vultr even has a professional support system that is always ready to help and guide users.


Linode is a cloud storage provider that exists in the same bracket as Vultr and Digital Ocean. Like Vultr, Linode is relatively new in town, but the cloud service has expanded vastly in recent years, gaining a huge presence across the globe. Linode boasts excellent performance and offers a robust set of tools to help you in deploying your server swiftly to the cloud.

Linode is extremely flexible, easy-to-use, and it offers multiple pricing plans to users from which users may choose whichever plan is best tailored to their unique needs. Linode also has an excellent assistance guide that offers in-depth explanations of the services provided.

Best Cloud Storage Alternative to Amazon S3

There are several great cloud storage options available for users these days, each of which offers its own unique and useful features. All seven cloud providers mentioned above are among the most popular and widely used alternatives, each providing users with exceptional features and efficient service. All in all, any choice from the above list would be worth considering.

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