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Top 5 Raspberry Pi Expansions in 2022

If you are using a Raspberry Pi device, you will definitely want to utilize most of the features that will be offered with this device. Creating professional projects will become easy after you have managed to install HAT on your Raspberry Pi device. HAT popularly called as (Hardware Attached on Top) is an expansion board which is especially created for the Raspberry Pi device as it gets connected with the GPIO Pins and will become useful to function various motors, fans, lights or sensors.

There are hundreds of HATs available in the market but you will still require the best options for your Raspberry Pi device and this article will help you in this case.

Top 5 Raspberry Pi expansions in 2022

To help you choose the best HAT expansion board for your Raspberry Pi device, this article will cover the top 5 Raspberry Pi expansions in 2022 which surely meet your requirement and prove to be the best for your Raspberry Pi device.

1. Raspberry Pi GSM/GPRS/GNSS Bluetooth HAT Expansion Board

If you want to turn your device into a personal mobile phone, you will obviously need the services of this expansion board as it includes GSM, GPRS and GNSS functions that will let you make a phone call, deliver the messages, and connect yourself to a wireless network easily.

The Bluetooth 3.0 functionality will enable you to send and transport the data successfully. Not only that it also has great support in file transferring using FTP, HTTP, email or MMS. The six LEDS at the top of this board will indicate the operating state of this board. To acquire this expansion board, you will need to go to the following amazon link.

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2. Ingcool Expansion Board

If you are looking for a better way to make smart home devices, the Ingcool expansion board would be an ideal choice as it allows you the ability to manage high voltage electronic devices with ease. The high-quality relays on the expansion board will load up to a 5A 250V AC current while the same relays will load at 5A 30V DC. The existence of photo coupling isolation in the board protects your system from interfering with the high voltage circuit and if you want to control the board relays through custom pins you can do so easily through relay control jumpers. The introduction of LED lights onto the board reveals the relay status. To purchase this expansion board for your Raspberry Pi, check the below given amazon link.

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3. Official Raspberry Pi POE+ HAT for Raspberry Pi 4

Seeking a device that will build your project without creating a heating problem? If yes then you should give this device a shot if you have a Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 model and it can easily be connected with the GPIO Pins of the Raspberry Pi device. You won’t need a power supply as it will take the power from the ethernet cable. The inclusion of a cooling fan in the circuit provides a better heat dissipation solution and you can operate your Raspberry Pi device for a long time. The switch mode power supply provides you access to power up your device over an ethernet cable or using an isolated power supply whose port is also available. To get this expansion board, head towards the amazon store using the following link.

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4. Raspberry Pi Sense HAT – AstroPi

The Raspberry Pi Sense HAT will be the preferable option for all those individuals who have passion to start creating different projects on the Raspberry Pi. It comes up with different on-board sensors used for temperature, air pressure, humidity, magnetometer and Gyroscope monitoring. The interfacing can easily be done if you have enough knowledge of Python and Scratch applications. The built-in joystick and 8×8 LED options will pave the way to successfully manage and control numerous games on Raspberry Pi. If you want your kids to learn from the Raspberry Pi device, then this HAT will be on top in your purchase priority list.

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5. PiJuice HAT

If you have enough money in your pocket and want to experience something more and interesting then you should consider the PiJuice HAT expansion board for your Raspberry Pi device. This HAT comes up with a way to address the issue of interruptible power supply. It has built in 1820 mAh Li-ion battery that can last for 4 to 6 hours if the device is used constantly and if you opt for a larger battery then this device provides you 100 percent compatibility in installing a 5000 or 10000 mAH battery whose duration is maximum 24 hours. The built in intelligent on-off switch to peacefully shutdown your Raspberry Pi device.

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Raspberry Pi can be used in many different ways if you have managed to install a certain HAT on your device and this will surely boost your device capabilities. Not only will it increase your device performance, but it will also help you to develop different projects on your device quite easily. The aforementioned Raspberry Pi HAT expansion boards will prove their usefulness in making your device an all-round projects platform. So, if you are keenly interested in making use of these HATs, you should select the one which you think will help you in creating your projects.

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