Top 5 popular games built on JavaScript

Almost every computer fanatic must have once thought in his life to develop games. Afterall, games are one of the best means of entertainment. As JavaScript has gained so much popularity the question arises; whether JavaScript can be used to develop games or not? The answer is yes !

There was a time when a simple game developed in JavaScript would require an Adobe flash player. JavaScript has come a long way. Nowadays, people can play games developed in JavaScript on any browser and at any platform without the need for a flash player. Developers mainly use HTML5 and WebGL to achieve this. These technologies also reduce the size and make it more attractive; In this post we are going to discuss the top 5 such games that are developed in JavaScript.


This is a very addictive fast racing game. In this game, there is a spaceship, and you control it by using your keyboard or touchscreen device. This is an open-source game which was designed in HTML5 and JavaScript. What makes this game very good is its amazing UI design which catches one’s attention and makes them feel like they are inside a spaceship flying in space.

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Super chrono Portal Maker

This game is just like the retro super Mario game. They say men never grow when it comes to gaming, I would like to agree. Having levels up to 30 and making super Mario run and jump makes this game very interesting. Each level has its own difficulty and a new twist so you won’t get bored while playing this game. This game has another cool feature which is the level builder. One can create levels in this feature and then share with our friends.

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This is an online game where you use your keyboard arrows to move tiles and merge them. By merging, you have to make the desired number, usually the number is 2048; Most people would have already played a version of this game. It is available in the play store by the name of 1024. This game looks simple, but isn’t. This is the reason why this game is so addictive.

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Gods will be watching

Another very cool game developed in JavaScript. You will have to survive for 40 days in complete isolation with 6 other characters in this game. Sounds creepy? Yes, maybe this is the reason why it is so popular and among my top 5 JavaScript games. There are also 6 other characters. Some of them are a robot, a dog and a psychiatrist. You need to cooperate and collaborate with these characters and survive. You also need to find ways and methods to keep them well fed, warm and sane.

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If you have some free time, this is the game you are going to enjoy the most. You probably have already played the retro Tetris game. This is exactly like that but built using react and redux JavaScript. An online puzzle game in which one has to arrange the blocks consisting of different shapes appearing randomly and by placing those blocks as a horizontal line just like in the Tetris game.

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With JavaScript gaining so much popularity, numerous developers have started developing games in this language. Another reason for this shift is the ending of the compulsory adobe flash player. Nowadays, one can make amazing, stunning games with cool UI designs using JavaScript. If you play some of the games we mentioned in this article, I am sure it will motivate you to start developing games in JavaScript.

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