Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks

There was a time when JavaScript was just a client-side language, but now it’s considered as a web language, as it is not only being used for building server-side applications but also for building various mobile applications and web based games.

This is not it, JavaScript has various frameworks which come with pre-written code and functionalities that can be reused. These frameworks help users to minimize the workload of writing a code on their own and hence it makes the job easier. The demand for JavaScript is increasing everyday and its frameworks are being used by various large companies.

These frameworks increase the developers productivity as they already provide pre written codes and functionality, so developers can expand those. That’s the reason why mostly developers prefer frameworks and many companies create their own frameworks according to their needs. Here in this article we’ll discuss top 5 JavaScript Frameworks that are being used everywhere.


The most popularly known framework that is being used by various big companies is React which was built by Facebook. The company originally built this because Facebook Ads were increasing and growing faster everyday, and the job of handling them was becoming extremely difficult. To simplify their works, they built a library to make their work easier but later they released it to the public and made it open-source.

React contains reusable components and each of these components represent a specific portion of the webpage, such as logo, an input box and a button. React can be easily learned if you’re already good at JavaScript as it uses a syntax that combines both JavaScript and HTML called JSX. Sometimes developers might feel difficulty understanding and working with JSX but with time developers realise how beneficial it’s as React is being used by large companies and if you’re into front-end web development you should definitely learn React.


Another one of the popular and highly used frameworks is Angular that is being operated by Google and designed for developing Single Page Application (SPA). Many popular websites such as Youtube, Google use Angular as it provides the developer with the best features to combine JavaScript with HTML and CSS.

Angular also has a similar component structure like React, which can be reused and manipulated easily. TypeScript is needed for writing applications to Angular, which is a superset of JavaScript that supports static typing and classes and you can access hybrid types, modifiers and more in TypeScript. Angular is a reliable framework due to its support from Google as well as it being the first choice for many Google app developers and if you’re new then it’s definitely a fantastic framework to learn.


Vue is another popular open-source framework of JavaScript that is being used for creating various creative user interfaces and it is designed to be adaptable. Many large companies like Stackoverflow and Playstation along with thousands of other websites are using Vue for their UI.

Vue is easy to learn if you’re already good at HTML and JavaScript. It comes with a command line interface which speeds up the development as it offers various instant prototyping and plugins. Other features of Vue are components, two way data binding, and templates. Reactivity focus is another feature of Vue which occurs due to update and change of any JavaScript objects in Vue. Furthermore, it uses Shadow DOM which makes the rendering of the page faster and Vue is simpler when it comes to API and design so the developer can build simpler applications in a day.


One of the most popular server side platforms which was built on Google Chrome JavaScript Engine is Node.js. For running JavaScript code and building server side applications, it provides a runtime environment. Many big companies use Node.js as it’s lightweight and efficient due to its features such as asynchronous, non-blocking I/O model and single threaded.

Application builds using Node.js are written in JavaScript and are run within the runtime environment of Node.js. One Of the key features is that it’s good for editing the applications and making changes as another user can access and edit the document live as we do in Google Docs. It comes with the largest ecosystem of open source libraries such as npm and it’s being used by companies like Uber, Paypal and Walmart.


Another popular open-source framework is Ember.js that was released originally by Yehuda Katz, and many other companies support the framework which uses Ember.js such as LinkedIn and Yahoo.

Many large companies use it such as Apple Music was built using Ember as the framework is highly scalable and is suitable for larger scale projects. Ember comes with various built in tools which are easier to get started with and even for working with backend data, it provides data and is highly flexible and convention over configuration is preferred by it. This framework has been in the market for over 10 years and is getting better day by day, and definitely the best one to learn.


JavaScript provides users with various frameworks that help the developer to do their job easily and more effectively, increasing their productivity. In this article we discuss the top 5 best frameworks provided by JavaScript which are popular and are being used by large companies and thousands of websites. They make building of applications easier for the developers and developers can extend the pre written code according to the demands of the website.

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Shehroz Azam

A Javascript Developer & Linux enthusiast with 4 years of industrial experience and proven know-how to combine creative and usability viewpoints resulting in world-class web applications. I have experience working with Vue, React & Node.js & currently working on article writing and video creation.