Top 5 Best JavaScript Form Validation Libraries

Form validation is a technical process of checking if the information that a user has entered is correct and if it’s according to the rules provided.

Form Validation is used by almost every application, website, mostly during sign ups and login. The reason for using form validation is to ensure if the user is entering the correct information, and the information is according to the format specified by that particular application.

In an ideal world every user would fill the forms with necessary and correct information but in the real world people frequently make mistakes; this is where form validation is required. Every Senior web developer is familiar with the complexity of form validation. So they use pre-written code from JavaScript libraries to set up form validation in their projects.

Validation libraries can be used to carry out client-side form validation. Before client side validation was a thing, web pages reloaded every time a user entered information and if it was wrong they had to input the whole information again. Now on modern web pages if the user inputs the wrong information, an invalid info dialogue appears and the user can just modify the input instead of rewriting everything

JavaScript form validation libraries enable web developers to customize forms, error messages and style them according to their project requirements. There are many form validation libraries out there which offer a ton of useful features such as better functionalities and enhancement of the design of a web page according to the modern requirements for web design; In this post we will list the top five of these libraries:

Just Validate

It’s a simple, dependency free, form-validation library in JavaScript that is compatible with the Bootstrap framework. It comes with customizable rules, submit form with ajax helper, supporting both client and server side form validation.


It is another lightweight, user-friendly form validator which works cross browser and can deal with all sorts of edge cases. It works with HTML input types such as email, url, text etc and comes with various customizable rules. It uses the new HTML5 types for unsupported web browsers. It also has a flexible error notification system.


It is the form validation library that was created to extend the HTML5 form validation; it’s a script that augments the native HTML5 form validation elements and attributes. With customizable rules, it also allows us to give users immediate feedback when they leave an input field instead of refreshing the page. Fields with errors are revalidated simultaneously as the user types and the error messages are removed immediately as soon as the user inputs valid information.


Data can be of any form in the input form fields. Often, we need to validate data like emails using regex or some information like credit card info. For validating the Credit card information, there is a library out there in the market known as creditCardValidator.js.

It’s a simple JavaScript form validation library that’s used to validate credit card information such as the expiration date, name, number and CVV etc. It has the ability to detect the type of the credit card as well.


Simple JavaScript form validation micro-library that’s used along HTML input attributes to create a customized form. This library does not focus on providing every kind of form validation; rather it focuses on the most important types. Thus it does not become bloated like some other form validation libraries.


Form validation libraries allow the developers to put restrictions and set rules for the information entered by the user. This can be done by simple HTML and JavaScript as well but JavaScript libraries provide better functionality and enable the developers to set more complex rules with little to no effort.

Some of the best JavaScript form validation libraries are listed above. They all are great at providing a user-friendly and easy to use form validator. Some of them come with extra features while others provide the basic features available for all. It’s up to you, what you want to achieve and what your requirements are.

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