Top 20 Discord Channel Ideas

On Discord, users can communicate with one another through text or voice channels, which are typically devoted to particular topics and may have different rules. In the form of announcements or community rules, information is frequently shared with the server members using channels. Channels are the central component of any Discord server. You must add channels to your Discord server after it has been set up in order to help users become familiar with it.

This post will illustrate the top 20 Discord channel ideas.

What are the Top 20 Discord Channel Ideas?

Some of the top 20 Discord channel ideas are mentioned below:

These channels, however, are not restricted to a single type of server. Let’s see what these channels will do.

1. Welcome Channel

This channel is used to greet visitors and is an excellent means of introducing individuals to your server. You can give this task to a bot for welcoming new members. You can also instruct the bot to send a welcome message, server rules, or instructions for getting started to each new member via DM.

2. Bot Channel

Bot channel contains trained bots that facilitate user interaction. It can offer you a range of features and capabilities, from sending pictures to playing music. Additionally, it can assist you in managing your Discord channel while you are not active.

3. Clips and Videos Channel

In this channel, users can upload their clips and videos and use them to start conversations.

4. Announcement Channel

An announcements channel is one of the most effective ways to keep users up to date on your server’s most recent events and news.

5. Meme clips Channel

The Meme clips Channel allows you to share memes or mimicry clips with others for entertainment and laughter.

6. Charity Channel

To do charity, you can create a charity channel where members can donate to charity.

7. Roles Channel

You can enable members to assign roles automatically by setting up a channel. In order to receive a specific role from the bots, members can then respond to each message to clarify which role they want to play.

8. FAQ Channel

In a FAQ channel, you can post your responses to frequently asked questions.

9. Text and Voice Channel

The Discord app automatically adds a general text and voice channel when users create servers. The voice channels are for video/audio chatting, screen sharing, and streaming, while the text channels are for members to exchange messages, videos, and images.

10. General Channel

In the General channel, users can freely discuss anything, or we can say that they can simply chat about their daily lives.

11. Channel for Rules and Guidelines

Create a channel where members can learn about the server’s rules and regulations, including the do’s and don’ts.

12. Improvement Channel

The channel where members can give feedback related to the improvements. Also, you can poll your audience on what they want to see on this channel.

13. Going Live Channel

For live streaming, you can create this channel and add a bot or manually notify your followers when your stream starts. Allow the members to mute this channel if they wish.

14. Stream Team Posts

You can create a channel specifically for any streamers you work with and give them access to the channel and instructions on what and when to post.

15. Fan Mail/Fan Art

The channel where your audience can honor you and display their creative efforts!

16. Introduction Channel

A channel where the members will introduce themselves on a server.

17. Networking Channel

Create a Discord channel for your streamers’ viewers. Permit them to collaborate or help each other’s channels grow by allowing them to network with each other.

18. Spam Channel for Bot-Spam or Giveaway Rolls

It will be easier to keep other rooms clear if there is a channel only for bot spam.

19. Discussions Related to Topics

This channel is created for discussing different topics, such as business, gaming, and so on. People join the channels to have a conversation related to various topics.

20. Channel Dedicated to Specific Interests

The channel is specifically dedicated to a particular interest where people join them for discussion related to a particular topic, such as gaming and so on.

We offered the top 20 ideas of Discord channels that you can utilize.


After creating a server, the best practice is to create a channel that helps your visitors to communicate and know about the rules of the server. The text and voice channels are automatically created during server creation. You can create your own custom channels like welcome, introduction, announcement, and many more. In this post, we have illustrated the top 20 ideas for Discord channels with their purpose.

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