Top 10 coding projects for beginners – JavaScript

JavaScript is a well-known scripting language that is used in websites in order to validate, build intuitive illustrations, deliver dynamic content, and considerably much more. JavaScript gives our web applications the ability to think and act by making them interactive and dynamic. If you are using JavaScript in your websites then clients can interact efficiently to see all intuitive components on the web page. Now we rapidly enlist a few significant elements of JavaScript.

It can be used on both sides i.e. server-side or client-side to build interactive web content.

  • dynamic functionality for better user experience
  • It has object-oriented features and lightweight scripting language
  • Cross-platform language

There are several JavaScript projects available over the internet but in this article, we will demonstrate the best 10 JavaScript projects for beginners that turn out best for you.

Why JavaScript Projects:

Well, a good knowledge of JavaScript can present great career opportunities if you are looking forward to earning by being a programmer with the profession. And as they say, “Practice Makes a man perfect”, so these projects are really good to understand javascript more thoroughly and quickly. So, even if you are a complete beginner, developing these projects would help you grow in JavaScript a lot. As these are all going to be beginner-level projects.

With that said, let’s begin.

TO-DO List

Starting off, we have the simplest thing in this whole list. To create a TODO-List. The functionality of this To-Do List is going to be very simple. It’s going to show the user a list, much like a tabular form with two columns, one for the task and the other one for the checkboxes. The user will have the option of adding items to the List. Each item will have a check-box in the list right next to it. When the user clicks on the check box, it would get marked, and the Item on the list gets a line passing through the text showing that this item has been completed.

JavaScript Calculator

The next project is to create a simple JavaScript-based Calculator. This Calculator should have all the basic math DMAS functions. The UI of the Calculator should have pressable buttons on it. And a Screen where every input is displayed and the output of every operation should also be displayed on it. Also, The calculator should follow the DMAS rules, which stand for division, multiplication, addition, and then lastly subtraction.

Hang-Man In JavaScript

One of my favorite games of childhood, the hangman. It’s a simple guess for the word game. The system randomly selects a word and shows some blank dashes equal to the size of the word to the user. The user has to guess the word under a certain amount of tries or else the user will die in-game. If the user successfully, the hangman lives to see another day, else He gets hanged on the noose.

Weight-Conversion Tool

Next up the list is a very simple project, ”Weight Conversion Tool”. The user chooses the unit of weight to convert from and the unit into which the application is going to convert the weight into. After that, the user is shown an input bar where the user inputs his weight and the converted weight is shown to the user.


This is when things start to get much more interesting. You are going to develop graphical tic-tac-toe. A game for 2 users. One will be named as player “X”, and the other will be named as player “Y”. The rules for the game would remain the same as they are in the real world. Three same signs in any direction would declare the winner. The winner who wins would be highlighted on the screen.


Let’s get familiar with the use of API. What we are going to do now is develop a very minimalistic whether application. That would track the location of the user, and depending upon the weather conditions on the outside and the Data from the weather API, it will give us the exactly reading of the weather

JavaScript Validation form

As we all know, javascript became famous for its use in building web applications. Well, the most important aspect of web applications is the validation forms. So, we need to build a form with all sorts of validation put into it. These validations should include, verification of a valid email address, 13-digits of a phone number. Cross-checking passwords and confirming passwords and much more according to your need.


The next project would be to bring back another game from the back of our memories into the digital world. The user has to play against a computer and he will be shown an option to choose what he wants to be put in next turn, Rock, Paper, or maybe scissor. Meanwhile, the computer would randomly choose any one of the signs and use it in the match. The winner of the match will high-lighted.

To Create a javascript slideshow

To those who are into web or app development, this is a very important one. To create a javascript slideshow. The images will change with a small transition effect and the whole widget would work as a little carousel.

To redesign an already existing Web template

Well, the last project of this is to take a web template from the internet and make amendments to it. Why you may ask, well, to create web pages you must know how different elements on a web page work. This is a must faster and exceptional way of learning web development. Moreover, if you like to make it more of a challenge then make the whole web page responsive on multiple screens.


To become good at something you must practically use it and get the feel of it. Hands-on experience is a lot more valuable than anything else. Well, we have gone over the key factors of 10 different beginner-level projects. By completing all these 10- projects you’ll gain a keen understanding of the practical use of JavaScript. This way, you can become a good programmer and can build a career in JavaScript if you choose to pursue it.

About the author

Shehroz Azam

A Javascript Developer & Linux enthusiast with 4 years of industrial experience and proven know-how to combine creative and usability viewpoints resulting in world-class web applications. I have experience working with Vue, React & Node.js & currently working on article writing and video creation.