Discord text formatting guide

On Discord, you have seen your group members and friends employing a variety of text formats, ranging from simple bold, italic, or underline text to different font colors. Do you want to know how Discord text formatting works and the available text formatting options that Discord offers? If yes, then this Discord text formatting guide is right in front of you; keep reading!

How to format text on Discord

Before showing you the procedure of formatting text on Discord, let me tell you about the Markdown language, which works as a backbone for the text formatting on Discord. Discord utilizes Markdown, a markup language for providing you an extensive range of options for text formatting such as bold, underline, italic formats.

Even though Markdown offers multiple text formatting, it is still confined to the non-colored text format. Discord-colored text formatting option cannot be added by embedding markup in the Discord, and there is no built-in Discord functionality for delivering standard messages in colored text.

However, Discord utilizes a package called Highlight.js for displaying code blocks with colors. When you utilize a code with some specific syntax, the entered text with the specified color will be displayed on Discord. As a result, we can use the highlight.js code to demonstrate the ability to send colorful text discord messages.

Now, open up your Discord application and select any of the text channels of your Discord server:

Discord bold text format

Bold text format is utilized when you want to emphasize something. It works similarly to the <strong> and <b> tags in HTML. You have to write out two asterisks “**” at the beginning and ending of your message for applying the bold text format.

Here is an example of using Bold text format for a message:

This is a sample **bold text message**

The placement of double asterisks at the start and end of the last part of the above-given message will make its appearance bold:

Discord italic text format

When you wish to emphasize the text by slanting the characters, you will search for the italic text format. In HTML, italic text format is similar to <em> and the <i> tag. On Discord, placing a single asterisk “*” at the start and end of a text message will convert it into italic text format.

In the below-given text, the “italic message” will be shown in italic format at it comprises the asterisks pattern:

This is a sample *italic message*

Discord underline text format

On Discord, the underline text format highlights a message or text by drawing a line under it. At the beginning and ending of your message, you can type two underscores, “__” for underlining the text.

Now, check out the below-given example:

This is a sample __underline message__

Discord Strikethrough text format

Strikethrough is utilized when you want to display your text as it has been crossed or lined out. In strikethrough format, a horizontal line passes through the center of your text. HTML uses the <strike> tag for this purpose. However, on Discord, two tilde keys “~~” are added at the start and end of your message to have strikethrough text format.

Here is a simple example of sending a message having strikethrough text format in its last part:

This is a sample  ~~Strikethrough message~~

Discord underline bold text format

On Discord, you can send a text which is bold as well as underlined. For this, you have to add two underscores, “__” and two “**” at the start and end of that specific text or its part.

Here is a simple example of the underline, bold text format:

This is sample __**underline bold text message**__

Discord underline italic text format

Underline, and italic text format can be used at once for any text. To do so, you have to add two underscores, “__” and one asterisk “*” at the beginning and end of your message.

Below is a simple example of underline, italic text format on Discord:

This is a sample __*italic message*__

Discord bold italic text format

To utilize the bold and italic combination text format, add three asterisks “***” at the start and end of the text:

This is a sample ***bold italics*** message

Discord underline bold italic text format

A text format based on the underline, bold, and italic style can be applied to your message at once. For this, you have to add two underscores, “__” and three asterisks “***” at the start and end of the text part. Now, check out the below-given practical example of using underline bold italic text format:

This is a sample __***underline bold italics message***__

Discord single line code block

On Discord, you can also use code blocks for sending your text. To utilize a single code block, we have to wrap up the text or message around backticks “`” as follows:

`Here is a sample single line block`

Discord multiple lines code blocks

You can also write out your text beautifully in multiple code blocks using three backticks, ““`” at the start and end of the message:

```Some sample …
… Multiple lines…
… code blocks```

In the next section of this post, we will see how to use the color text format on Discord.

Discord red color text format

In multi-line code blocks, different types of syntax highlighting languages are utilized for coloring your text. While using syntax highlighting language, you have to specify its name at the start of the code block:

On Discord, “diff” syntax highlighting is also used for formatting the text in different colors. For instance, you can add a dash “-” at the start of the message which you want to turn red:

- sample text in red color

Your applied red color text format will look like this:

Discord blue color text format

By using the “ini” syntax highlighting, you can turn your text message in blue color. For this, write out the text in between brackets “[]”:

[sample text in blue color]

Discord cyan color text format

You can utilize quotation marks “” in the “json” syntax highlighting for coloring your text message cyan:

"sample text in cyan color"


Formatting text is a great way to enhance the appearance of the text sent or shared on Discord. Using markdown language, you can utilize the text formats such as bold, italic, strikethrough, underline. In contrast, the highlight.js package is used for making your text colorful. Both of these options are used to emphasize text in a Discord server channel. This write-up provided a complete Discord text formatting guide. We explained and demonstrated how you could apply the various formats to your text on Discord. This post covered major points, from making text bold, italic, underline to applying color on it.

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