How to Test Microphone on Windows Laptop

Laptops nowadays are used for multi-tasking purposes, and we mainly use laptops for meetings and taking online classes/webinars. For this, we should have a good webcam but along with that having a good microphone is mandatory. Windows laptop comes with a pre-installed mic that can be used for the tasks mentioned above.

You can face some issues with the built-in microphones of Windows laptops, and to resolve that issue, you can troubleshoot the issue. You can also connect an external mic for better audio quality to your Windows laptop. If you want to test your default or external microphone, then read this guide.

Set a Default Microphone

First, check the settings to set the default microphone of your laptop; if you have no idea how to set the default microphone on Windows laptops, then have a look at this process in detail by clicking here.

How to Test the Microphone on a Windows Laptop

The two different ways to test the Microphone on a Windows laptop are:

1: Through the Laptop’s Default Sound Settings

To check the sound issue of the microphone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Right-Click on the Speaker icon present on the taskbar of your laptop and select Sounds option:

Step 2: Next, click on the Recording tab and from there select the Microphone:

Speak into the microphone, the sound meter is visible in front of the microphone with green bars. If the bars are moving, then your microphone is working properly.

Test the Microphone through Website

There are several online applications and websites to test the microphone of your laptop:

Step 1: Open the online microphone test website.

Step 2: Click on the play button.

Step 3: Allow the website to use your microphone by clicking on the Allow button in the pop-up:

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Step 4: Speak and check if the line dynamics are charming or not when you talk if it is, then the mic is working otherwise, there is a microphone issue:

How to Troubleshoot the Microphone on a Windows Laptop?

If the microphone of Windows laptop is not working properly, then you can troubleshoot the issue, here are some steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Press Windows + I to open Windows settings and click on the Update & Security:

Step 2: Next, click on the Troubleshoot and tap on the Additional troubleshooters:

Step 3: Look for the Speech option and click on it; Next click on the appeared Run the troubleshooter button:

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Step 4: A new Windows will appear on your screen and from there, choose the type of issue you are facing with the microphone:

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Step 5: Choose the type of Microphone:

What Can be the Reasons for a Faulty Microphone

There can be several reasons for the faulty microphone like:

  • Corrupted microphone drivers
  • Issues with microphone hardware

How to Fix the Faulty Microphone of a Windows Laptop

If your default microphone is not working properly, then try these fixes:

  • Update drivers
  • Update Windows
  • Set default recording devices
  • Restart the Windows audio device
  • Disable exclusive control


You can use a default Windows laptop mic for your tasks, but sometimes you face issues with the default microphone of your laptop; in that case, you can test your microphone for the issues and troubleshoot to resolve them. You can also connect an external mic for usage with better audio quality. Follow the methods mentioned above to check your default Windows laptop microphone.

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