How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

In the Minecraft game, you can tame many animals and make them your pets and the pets will then follow you wherever you go. This article will show you how to tame a cat; because the method of taming each animal is different in Minecraft.

Preparation to Tame a Cat

To tame a cat you need to craft a fishing rod which will be used to catch the fish. After that you need to feed the fish to a stray cat to tame it. Let’s begin with making a fishing rod.

How to Make a Fishing Rod

Getting a fish requires a special tool with the name of “Fishing Rod” that can be made using 2 strings and 3 sticks and then you need to place them inside a crafting table.

Making Sticks: You can use 2 wooden planks to make 4 sticks whereas 4 wooden planks can be made by using a wooden log.

Getting Strings: The second item on the list is the strings and for that, you need to kill the spiders that usually spawn at night, or you can find them inside the caves or tunnels as well where there is no or very minimal light.

When you kill them, they usually drop a piece of string that is needed for this recipe.

Now you have acquired the required items needed to make the fishing rod and all you need is to place them inside a crafting table accordingly as shown below.

Catching a Fish using a Fishing Rod

Catching a fish requires some time and practice and you need to aim perfectly to catch one. For that, you need to find a river or water source and then aim the fishing rod towards the fish and throw the rod towards them using a right-click.

It is also possible to throw the fishing rod again and again inside the river as you might not succeed on your first try. If you find the water bubbles around the hook of the rod that you have thrown in the river then it means that the fish has been captured and you can click again to bring that fish towards you.

Now you need to repeat this step many times as catching a single fish won’t be enough to tame a cat.

How to Tame a Cat

The first thing that is needed to tame a cat is to find one that you can do by visiting the village biomes where the stray cats usually wander around. Then you need to feed that cat with the fish and after some time you will notice a band will appear around the cat’s neck which shows that the cat is now tamed.

After taming a cat, it will start to follow you wherever you go as displayed in the image below.

Cats are also useful to keep the hostile mobs away.


The Minecraft game comes with lots of different animals each having specific characteristics and advantages. You can also tame these animals as well and they will follow you wherever you go. One of them is the cat, so in this article, we have discussed in detail how you can tame a cat.

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