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How to Take Screenshot on Raspberry Pi Using Shutter

Shutter is an open-source GUI tool for taking screenshots on the system. It’s a lightweight and powerful screenshot taking application that allows users to capture full screen or region-based screenshots. It also allows users to share a screenshot to an image sharing website, transfer it to another system through FTP or save the image to the system storage. Additionally, it supports multiple image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, and JPG.

Follow this tutorial if you wish to install Shutter on the Raspberry Pi system.

Take Screenshot on Raspberry Pi Using Shutter

Shutter is available for multiple operating systems, however for Raspberry Pi system, you have to install it from Snap Store using the following steps:

Step 1: Install Snap Daemon

Since we are going to install Shutter from Snap Store, you must install Snap Daemon on Raspberry Pi system from the following command:

$ sudo apt install snapd

Step 2: Install Core

Then install core from snap since it will help users install the latest version of snap packages on the system.

$ sudo snap install core

Note: After the installation, if you experience “snap command not found error”, reboot the system to fix the issue.

Step 3: Install Shutter

Now, you can install Shutter on Raspberry Pi from the following command:

$ sudo snap install shutter

Run Shutter

You can run Shutter from Raspberry Pi from the “Accessories” section in the Applications menu.

For the first time launch, Shutter will begin updating the plugin information.

Wait till it installs the updates and once it’s done, it will launch on the desktop.

Use Shutter for Taking Screenshot

 To take a screenshot click on the “Selection” option.

Choose the capturing area for the screenshot.

Now, press Enter to take a screenshot.

 Right-click on the captured screenshot and select the “Export” option.

You can upload the screenshot to any place you want. Here, I am saving the screenshot onto the Raspberry Pi system’s desktop.

You can now take a screenshot using Shutter through this way and upload it to any location you want.


Shutter is a lightweight tool for taking screenshots on the system. You can install this screenshot utility from the snap store, which requires installing snap daemon and core on Raspberry Pi system. After that, install it from the “snap install” command with the package name as “shutter”. Once the installation is completed, you can then take a screenshot and upload it on the system or other system using the FTP server.

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