How to Take Screenshot on HP Laptop

The screenshot is a little task that allows you to capture your screen image. It comes in handy in numerous scenarios, especially when you experience an error and wish to resolve it with the help of others. In that scenario, you will need to show them the image of the error to make it easier for them to resolve it.

For HP laptop users, taking a screenshot is a very basic operation, and this article is meant to teach you how you can take a screenshot on HP laptop.

How to take screenshot on HP laptop

There are several methods to take a screenshot on HP laptop and their details are provided below.

1: Take screenshot using keyboard key

If you are looking for the most straightforward approach to taking the screenshot on an HP laptop, you can do it by utilizing the “PrtScn” key. However, this key will allow you to capture the entire screen of your laptop and is feasible only when you are executing various execution tasks simultaneously on different tabs.

Whenever you take the screenshot, it will be copied to the clipboard. To use the captured screenshot, you will require to paste it at the desired location. It’s up to you whether to paste the image online or in a document and to do so; you will need to hold down the “Ctrl” key and hit “V” to paste the screenshot at the desired location.

2: Take screenshot using Snipping Tool

For Windows users, taking a screenshot on an HP laptop has become a pretty simple operation thanks to the inclusion of a snipping tool which allows the Windows user to capture the image according to their choice. You may find the snipping tool application in the windows search bar.

To take a screenshot, click on the “New” option and adjust your screenshot boundary to capture the selected area.

You can also change the screenshot mode by clicking on the “Mode “option as this will allow you to set the screenshot mode according to your choice.

3: Take screenshot using Snip and Sketch

Snip and Sketch is another wonderful app that lets you snap a screenshot on an HP laptop as well as giving you the freedom to sketch over them for creative purposes. It’s pretty handy for those individuals who don’t want to use any third-party tool for taking screenshots. You can easily discover this tool in your Windows 10 search bar.

4: Take screenshot using Lightshot

Lightshot is another useful tool to take the screenshot on HP laptop. On Windows, you can download the Lightshot through their official website. Once you successfully install it on your HP laptop you can then easily take a screenshot of a selected area according to your choice. On the lightshot interface, you will find various options such as add texts and point arrows which you hardly find in any other tool.

5: Take screenshot using Snagit

Snagit is a pretty cool screenshot utility that will not only allow the user to take a screenshot, but you can do screen recording as well, making it a helpful tool to keep your recordings on HP laptop. You can download Snagit from the website.

To take a screenshot, open the Snagit GUI interface and click on the red “Capture” button to start taking the screenshot of the desired window.


Now that you have found several ways to take a screenshot on an HP laptop, it’s now become very straightforward to adopt the one application which you think best fits you. If you don’t want to go for third-party software, you should choose snipping tools or Snip and Sketch. For individuals who need to include text and arrows on their screenshots, Lightshot would be their pick. If someone needs a third-party software that allows them the freedom to snap the screenshot and do screen recording, Snagit will be an ideal pick in this scenario.

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