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How to Take Pictures on a MacBook?

Both operating systems Windows and macOS have different applications, features, and different ways of working. Taking pictures on a MacBook is a whole different process as compared to the method of taking pictures on your Windows laptop. So, we have given some of the options that you can use to take pictures on your MacBook.

Taking pictures on your MacBook

There are multiple ways by which you can take pictures on your MacBook and share it to your friend’s email or on any social media website. There are following methods by which you can take pictures on your MacBook:

  1. Taking pictures using photobooth application 
  2. Taking pictures using web camoid application
  3. Taking screenshot of camera using shortcut keys

Taking pictures using photobooth application

Every MacBook has the built-in Photo Booth application which you can use to take a picture of yourself so to open this application open Launchpad and then find Photo Booth, you can search it as well.Next start the photo booth application and you will see your camera will turn on and its green light will become on, and it shows that your camera is ready.

To take a picture you just have to click on the red icon having a white camera symbol and once you have clicked on the icon a countdown timer will begin so that you can adjust yourself. Once the timer is out it will take a picture and will show the captured image along with the previous images or pictures.

There are various options that this application provides you, one of them is taking multiple pictures at a time and for that  you must click in the bottom left most icon. Using this feature gives you a choice of selecting the best amongst all four pictures.

Another advantage of using this application for taking pictures is that you can add effects either after or before taking the picture.

You can share the captured picture by clicking in the share icon on the bottom right of the photobooth application.

Taking pictures using Webcamoid application

Another application that you can use to take pictures or record videos is the webcamoid application as it provides more effect options as compared to the built-in Photo Booth application. To download this application, you can click here and select the macOS operating system as this application can also be used in the Windows platform.

Once you have installed it run the application and select the integrated camera on the list on the left side of the interface. Next you can see at the bottom a transparent bar having some options like launching the camera for either video or pictures. Also, to add effects there is an icon at the end in the transparent bar from where you can adjust your pictures according to your desire.

Taking screenshot of camera using shortcut keys

There is another way of taking pictures that is by taking the screenshot of your MacBook desktop. Now there are two commands for it. If you want to take the screenshot of the whole desktop, then use can press “Shift+cmd/⌘+3” and it will be saved on your desktop.

Similarly, if by any means you want to take picture of yourself and do not want to capture the side areas then you open the photo booth app to turn on your camera then press the “Shift+cmd/⌘+4”. Then select the only area you want to capture and hold your mouse. Once you have selected it, release the mouse and it will automatically save the screenshot further you can also use this procedure to take selective screen screenshots of your desktop as well.


Taking pictures from a MacBook might be different but it is not difficult to do as there are different applications and methods one can use. To remove the difficulty of finding the easy and quick methods of taking pictures on the MacBook we have given some of the best ways. Using such methods you can take pictures and add cool effects to them very easily.

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